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Travel Clinic Services for those Traveling Abroad

Health Away From Home

Leisure travel and business travel both require a thorough ‘before-you-go’ checklist. One prominent aspect to make a priority – is your health away from home. 445 more words


Five Ways To Prepare For Your First Appointment

If you’re a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student, the chances are good that you will get sick or injure yourself at least once during your academic career. 350 more words

Wellness Tips

Stories from The Infectious Disease Clinic

My shoulder aches like a heavy bruise from the particles they injected into it, making it difficult to pick up the lightest of objects.

Yesterday, I couldn’t help but to think about the seriousness of the title, “Infectious Disease Clinic” as I frantically fought through the maze at the BAMC (Brooks Army Medical Center, a hospital). 734 more words


Four Tips for Safe International Travel

By Szuhua Lambdin, APRN

When planning for your trip oversees, don’t become so wrapped up in getting the necessary travel documents, booking your flights and planning your activities that you neglect the equally important task of planning to take care of your health during your travels. 303 more words

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Of Med Clearance and Vaccines

Two posts in a month? What is this madness?

Six doctor’s visits, eight vials of blood, a new pair of glasses, full dental ex-rays and over 130 pages of paper later…and my medical paperwork is finally in. 345 more words

Peace Corps

medical advice re: vaccinations

To be honest, it was more difficult to book an appointment to get the vaccinations than to actually get the vaccinations. The US realm of medical care is weird. 1,772 more words

New Authority for Vaccination - a threat from a Radio Ad?

The Ontario College of Pharmacy recently announced the amended Pharmacy Act in Dec 2016, allowing pharmacists to administer selected vaccines, particularly ones that are related to the prevention of communicable diseases as well as  270 more words