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Have you visited the Hornbill festival?

It is difficult not to have heard of Hornbill festival, but it is quite possible that you have no clue about it.  For many of us, Hornbill is a cool festival that happens somewhere in the North East. 671 more words


6 Reasons That Make Thailand a Kickass Holiday for One and All!

Thailand, over the past few years, has been giving a run for money to a number of conventionally popular destinations. One, it has come up as a dazzling place of cosmopolitan humanity- one where a teeming culture of south-east Asia presents itself in all its glory. 569 more words

Travel Destinations

Em in Sevilla: June 2018 VS September 2018

One thing I’m really enjoying and acknowledging by living here is the fact that day by day, it’s feeling like home. It’s been nearly two weeks and I feel like I’ve been here a lifetime. 1,281 more words

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Weekend vibes

This is my view where I’m currently sitting writing and listening to classical music belting out of someone’s open windows. That’s right, not Hip Hop, not Rap…CLASSICAL music…It’s sooooo relaxing 😎 429 more words

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Let’s talk about...CHOCOLATE

ME ENCANTA CHOCOLATE. I’m also a little scared of chocolate. Porque? Because, there was once a time I used to demolish chocolate like the cocoa trees (or beans or whatever it’s made of) were going out of business and chuck it up in the toilet. 680 more words

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1 week in Sevilla - Anxiety doesn’t leave ya

A week living in Sevilla: So far? A totally crazy, awesome experience.

I’ve explained that my host family don’t speak English, which at first was really overwhelming. 424 more words

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Can we all discuss the fact it is 108 DEGREES IN SEVILLE RIGHT NOW aka 43 degrees for you normal humans who aren’t me and know how to read weather correctly AND the exciting announcement is that Seville is the FIRST stop on my round the world trip. 373 more words

Travelling With My Mental Health