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Why Every Summer Is Harder Than The One Before

I can basically say this summer has got to be the most unexpected one compared to the previous two. First off, I didn’t plan to be back because I was engrossed in the idea of doing internship in the States. 1,630 more words

Travel Diaries

escapade. meesapulimala.

The cubicle was killing me. The soft whir of the office printer lingered in my ears. The regular dose of caffeine. It was dope.

Sometimes I did feel the walls closing in. 837 more words

Munnar Meesapulimala Kolukkumalai Trek Roadtrip Kerala Travel

A Simpler Time

If there’s one thing about my childhood that I cherish, it’s the endless sea of tea plantation and me trying to stand straight on a sloping ground that’s more slippery than a bathtub. 320 more words


From the Land of Lamas

The trip is done. The bags are unpacked. I left something behind though and that was a good chunk of my heart.

Those twelve days managed to grasp a firm hold on my little pacing heart and insisted that just like I got a token of my travels back here, I leave a token of my presence in those mountains. 378 more words


A Voyage to Utopian Beauty 

Nature brings us wonders of beauty, if we take time to examine it around us, we can clearly see how mesmerizing it is. The sunny gleams peeping in from trees, water gliding through waterway, the healthy green foliage, chirping of birds, fresh air and a lot more. 439 more words

Northern Areas

23082016 Prague

Hello from Prague!!!

I am almost convinced that Prague is a city where some people may possibly still practice magic, and have hidden places for dragons, because it is a city full of history and hidden laneways. 236 more words

Typical Day With Allie

My first planned solo trip

“Travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller” –  Battuta

I had philosophical conversation with one of my dearest friends on solo travel. 1,155 more words