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Nicaragua: My First Love

After five years of globe-trotting, I finally made it back to visit my first love; the country which started me on my journey: Nicaragua. Life in the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes had really changed in some ways, but in most it was exactly as I remembered. 615 more words


Food Journey in Larkana

Food is an integral part of all travels. It tells so much about the people, their likes and preferences, their personalities and so much more. It is that crispy crust without which the foundation would be hollow and the necessary topping which completes the final look. 1,064 more words


Travelled the unusual way to a place called VENGURLA.

This was another exiting and an unplanned journey. I gave it a yes a day prior and was all set to go with the women. In search of new places and places that I haven’t stepped in, I didn’t know Vengurla was on my way! 990 more words

What keeps you up at night?

In two weeks, I will be in Hawaii. This seems highly improbable to me. For one thing, wasn’t I just in Mexico? And aren’t I going to Europe in May? 377 more words

People Are Weird

The Travel Buffs - taking a journey to the unknown.

Ambar & Zara – the duo, embarked on the journey just to find and realize the parts Unknown. 

Daily Quotes

Windy Wayanad

January 25 2017: The new office was making no difference for my feeling to get unchained. Even while working, I keep a phase of me caged inside who wish to be free, want to wander, conquer the heights and seas and simply “No strings attached” as Ultron of Avengers Movie says. 2,080 more words