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A Muffin with Love

There was this couple sitting right next to me. I was travelling back to London. The girl had a black floral head scarf and wore big round glasses; a little dark in complexion and I assumed the guy sitting opposite to her to be her boyfriend. 211 more words

Travel Fiction

On Maple.

She loved the Abbey but more than that, she loved the garden attached to it. She looked for green and observed maple leaves running about here and there; fallen at the onset of winter. 115 more words

Travel Fiction

Gulliver's Travels by Jonatha Swift

It is another book reduced to child-entertainment by silver screen. No, Gulliver’s Travels is not just about Lilliputs. The book is a satire on human nature, law, English parliamentary system, vanity of humans and a mockery of travel fiction. 193 more words


Travel by book: Desert Skies, Rebel Souls

‘She wondered where he originated from. Everyone was from somewhere. Olivia loved discovering people’s stories, and they were plentiful in these foreign surroundings.’ – excerpt from Desert Skies, Rebel Souls…

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Travel Experiences


Mornings started early here and nights were premature. Any observer would notice the calm serenity around the monastery. Winds blowed past me creating a whistle like sound. 368 more words

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It is Where Peace Is

The aunty who was in charge of the kitchen was a sweet little middle-aged lady. Her cheeks were pink from prolonged cold and wrinkles below her eyes. 423 more words

Travel Fiction

South Kensington's A War Zone


Walking through South Kensington is like walking through a war zone. Rapid fire machine guns. Nail guns. Jackhammers. Industrial machinery. Tractor trailers beeping backwards. 506 more words