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Travel Fiction: I Found Love on The Beach

It was the first time she’d stopped in a long time, here, thousands of miles from home, beer in hand with a breeze blowing the salt from her messy hair. 549 more words

Fashionable Travels

A very beat thing on the way to the ocean.

Last night a very beat thing happened to me. I watched a man play a saxophone to the San Francisco Bay under the carpet of stars above, backlit by a whole digital mainframe animating circuit board of city lights glittering like tiny solar systems orbiting the ground here where we stood. 145 more words


The Tale of the Singing Buttons

First chapter originally published on blobloblaw.blogspot.ca

Chapter One: The Gondolier

Far away, in a wild shroud of jungle, there was a steep white building overgrown with jasmine flowers. 5,463 more words


The Beat of the Feet on Haight Street

A crusty on Haight Street asks me if I need any trees. I tell him “Yes, please! Give me the Douglas Firs. Give me some redwoods. 303 more words


"Wanderlust" is on sale

Get your copy of my most recent book on Amazon.com. Wanderlust is a collection of short stories revealing men and women out of their element, reacting to life as it happens.


The Strange Coffee

It was raining with a spree,

Dark light and warm coffee.

A single soul was nearby,

Fiery and free were her expressions.

She sat there whirling the hair, 107 more words


Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Realized recently that I’ve never read many of the classic works of literature: no Dickens, no Hemingway, no Austen. So I picked up a dozen or so and I’m going to work my way through them. 195 more words