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Our Mistletoe has Fairy Lights.

Ok. So it was new year’s eve and when everybody was counting backwards, I was busy collecting moments. No! not mine Tbt.

I love observing people and so before the clock struck 12’o clock and afterwards, I took the liberty of collecting pictures of everyone around me. 323 more words

Travel Fiction

The Opportunities Behind the Fall of Those in Power

I was a journalist in London in the 1990s, when I felt the call to give it all up and follow my soul’s path to find my voice. 593 more words


Imagine A World Without Borders (A view from the future)

Imagine a world without borders. What would that look like? A view from the future.

In the wake of last decade’s 2023 world peace accord signing in Angola, there has been much outcry from the right wing political parties of western countries but the project is on schedule to deliver to target. 526 more words


Where is Peace ?

If someone asks me why I love mountains so much, it is hard to tell. The reason can be many and also nothing at the same time. 164 more words

Travel Fiction

Why do I Love Rain?

Late on a hot summer night when I toss on the bed rolling from one end to another and my feet floating up in the air, I ponder to myself, why do I Love rain ? 274 more words

Travel Fiction

Petualangan Sang Hati

Setahun lalu di belahan bumi pertiwi
Sebagai bagian dari suatu resolusi
Kuikhlaskan sang hati
Tuk pergi dalam suatu ekspedisi
Mencari tempat tuk berhuni dan berbagi. 129 more words


Perjalanan Rasa Untuk Berbicara

Guratan sinar matahari berhasil menembus jendala. Cercahan cahayanya berhasil menarikku dari dekapan mimpi. Ini sudah pukul enam pagi.

Aku segera meraih dan mengenakan pullover yang telah kuletakkan di atas… 1,982 more words