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The Orange Brigade

There was a chill in the air this morning. It’s getting closer to the annual deep freeze of northeastern China. The -35°C winter will be waiting outside of my apartment complex like a wall of tiny little knives. 920 more words


Stories From China: May I Take Your Picture?!

Being one of two Westerners in a rural Japanese town leads to some staring. They still stare into my shopping basket and they still watch me walk into the bank. 809 more words


The old village of Bright Moon Bay

As we had three days of holidays last week, we decided to go somewhere instead of couchpotatoing the whole time. We were considering Chongming Island, in Shanghai, and Xishan Island, in Suzhou, and finally went to Xishan. 341 more words


The wild places: fear and travel in China

I have not really traveled in China. The kind of travel where I’d leave my “home” of Beijing, jump on a train and end up somewhere. 191 more words


A Typical Travel day in China

April 27th, 2015

This morning I woke before 5 am, nauseous from interrupting my stomach’s normal nightly routine. We finished packing our bags and caught a 45 minute cab ride to the airport, unable to escape the typical car sickness that comes from a vehicle not having shocks, a driver that knows only to slam on either the gas or the break pedal, and a country where drivers don’t acknowledge that there are rules of the road they should follow. 1,295 more words

Travel Adventures

3 Important Things Before Your Trip to China

Don’t Do Things That Bring Bad Luck

In Chinese culture, there are some things if done would bring bad luck, known as taboos. Knowing Chinese culture taboos inside out may take some time. 255 more words

Chinese Learning