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Liaoning Pt 3- Shengyang and An Shan.

Shengyang’s fucken badarse. I love this place then your lesbian sister likes ladies only nights at the local pub. Being the capital of Liaoning Provence, it’s got everything you want, good hospitals, good bars, good hotels/hostels, hookers, drugs and rock’n’roll and an Sti clinic for afterwards. 1,140 more words


China-Liaoning pt2-Dalian and Hongashi Hotspring.

Talking about some of Dalian, the place which shit is cooler then your gf blowing you while jamming Halo 4 on xbox anddddd Hongashi Hotsprings. A mean hot pool. 1,328 more words


China- Liaoning Pt 1 Yingkou and Dashiqiao.

Hold your fucken tittie sticks for another amazing break down of Liaoning China. Specifically Yingkou and Dashiqiao Mountain. Cause no ones been all over that fucken place. 1,440 more words


China Xi'an pt 3

Xi’an pt 3. Places where you take a nice stroll in a park surrounded by fuck off buildings a few hundred meters away :) . Ruff guide of gym prices, teacher wages, and what not. 1,434 more words


China Xi'an pt2

Xi’an Part 2. Of the city who’s history goes back further then you could trace your own family line. Terracotta Warriors and Mt Huashan. 1,620 more words


China- Xi'an pt 1.

Xi’an one of the ancient capitals of China. You know what that means? it’s really really fucking old. 1,451 more words


Suzhou on the cheap (and vegetarian!)

Two weeks ago, a couple of my workmates came to Suzhou to spend the weekend with us. I asked what they wanted to visit in the city, they only said “old things”. 1,078 more words