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Behind the Scenes with the Bees

Guest Editor

As the camera operator on the shoot in Sichuan, this week’s film holds a very special place in my heart.

Fengtongzhai is a rural village four hours outside of Chengdu.  352 more words


Riding the Beijing Subway

Features Editor

It’s been 35 degrees plus, with 89% humidity in Beijing recently. So hot that those of us from chilly, damp climes are wilting. Normally I like to walk around Beijing – there’s always so much to see, and it’s quite easy to find your way, with street names that so clearly tell you where you are like “so and so North street”; “such and such outside street” (ie outside the old city walls); “such and such gate” (ie by an ancient gate on the old city walls). 758 more words


Terracotta Warriors of China

The main attraction to visit while in the city of Xi’an, China, is the grave of the first emperor Qin Shi Huang and his famed terracotta warriors.   264 more words

Rayna The Explorer

Travel Exposé: Yunnan Province (1)

Welcome back to this week’s issue of “Bajan,” Chinese Style, Travel Exposé. In this weeks exposé we jump right into the heat of things by taking our trip or trip plans to one of China’s most exotic Provinces, Yunnan Province. 712 more words


Trying to find beauty in Yangshuo

We made a mistake really, visiting Yangshuo after our trip to the Longji rice terraces. Nothing would ever compare to the stunning scenery of Longji. Yet whilst researching our trip to Longji, it seemed that more people visited the nearby Yangshuo then the stunning rice terraces. 671 more words


Travel Exposé: Black Alert!(Hei Che 黑车)

Transport in China is an extremely efficient public amenity, ranging from Subways, buses, trams, taxis, trains, rickshaws, planes. Yes, when you want to go somewhere, you can definitely get there and if it’s not rush hour, then you can probably get there with relative ease. 602 more words


The Weekly Funny: Survival in Shangri-La (2 of 2)

I’m still experiencing connectivity issues, so to curtail continued delays, this week’s issue of “Bajan,” Chinese Style, has been posted one day earlier! Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 1,444 more words