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The Weekly Funny: The Look of Madness

Hi, and welcome once again to this week’s edition of “Bajan,” Chinese Style. How has your week been? I know here in Barbados, we are getting into festival mode, and so your working week may have been sprinkled with the wonderful flavours of big shows and band openings. 2,474 more words

Travel Exposé Guizhou Province (2)

Hello and Welcome back to this week’s issue of “Bajan,” Chinese Style. In this edition of our Travel Exposé, we continue our mental trek throughout the mysterious South-Western Province of Guizhou, China. 1,058 more words

Monique in Jingzhou

Hello, my name is Monique, I have been working with Aston Jingzhou for just over a year and it’s been a life changing experience!

First of all I will admit, I have never really been the children person, every family event I’ve had in the past, I’ve ran away from the kiddy area and socialised with the adults because quite frankly I wasn’t used to kids, therefore they scared me little. 595 more words


Travel Exposé: Guizhou Province (1)

Welcome back to this week’s issue of “Bajan,” Chinese Style, and as usual I wish that each and every one of you have had a wonderful week and hope that you have fun and exciting things planned for the weekend. 799 more words

Live Like a Local in Beijing

News and Travel Editor

Most people are familiar with the landmarks of Beijing, but what are the other must-sees that locals would recommend?  We’ve rounded up our top tips to help you live like a local during your stay in Beijing.  618 more words


Top 10 cities with beaches in China

Discover the beaches in China!

In China, the cities by the sea are many, however, they do not all offer quality beaches to spend a good time. 639 more words

From Cali to China: Alex's Aston Adventure

Alex is originally from Oakland, California. He spent a year in Yinchuan, China in the Ningxia province, and he’s now back in California, working with kids and freelancing as a graphic designer. 451 more words