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10½ Places You Need to Visit in Greece This Summer

Travel in Greece is both rewarding and confounding: so many interesting places, so little time! Herewith is a roundup of ten or perhaps eleven places you (still) really ought to visit in Greece this summer. 126 more words


Steam Heat: Where to Take off Your Clothes and Get Roasted Like a Gyro in Athens

Here’s a little secret the tourism establishment won’t tell you: the Mediterranean is sort of awful in winter. From Tel Aviv to Ibiza from November to March, there are sunny spells to be sure, but also many days of storms which consist of mean rain, awful winds and frigid temperatures…at times you’ll feel like you’re stuck in a washing machine on an endless cold wash cycle. 589 more words


On the cultural imperialism of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club (the $how, that is)

In case you needed a little refresher course in what American cultural imperialism looks like, all you gotta do is take a peek at the… 781 more words

Travel In Greece

New study shows the world's best party city is (what?) Athens

Forget London…and New York, Tel Aviv and Rio: a travel website based on earth took a magnifying glass to the closing hours of nightclubs in a wide selection of global cities and determined that the city with the latest average closing times is Athens. 52 more words


Our Favourite Boutique Hotel in Athens, 18 Micon St., Just Got Hipper (read on...)

18 Micon Str, the essential boutique hotel in Athens, has emerged a year after its opening as the hands-down favorite for plugged-in visitors to the Greek capital and as the first (and to date only) hotel in Athens to become a member of Hip Hotels. 483 more words


The Iosian Diaries

Starring the long and odd swimming pool at Erego Beach Club!

…and a statue that features a partial likeness of the island’s homegrown poet, Homer! 33 more words