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Have an urge to explore as it will never disappoint you!!

Travelling is like a book the more you explore the more you come to know about the world. 134 more words

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Explore Top 4 Places To Visit In India In This Summer

Pithoragarh: Nature’s Bounty

Another one from the state of Uttarakhand; Pithoragarh savors the title of Mini Kashmir, is located in nearby the borders of Nepal, in the breathtaking Soar valley. 1,039 more words

Explore Top 4 Places To Visit In India In This Summer

In Conversation with Parth Upadhyay - more than just a tale of Dream Chasing

I am more than a buff when it comes to Social Media, I am online 24 hours a day. I guess I read status updates even in my sleep. 2,852 more words

Travel In India

The day of firsts - Shillong

Shillong happened just like any other trip, with a purpose awaiting an experience.

Till now I’ve had experienced the New Year’s eve in every cosy way that my parents could make possible for me, but this time it was my demand to make it different, like our generation says, “My plans, my rules.” So anyway I tagged along with a friend of mine, both with literally very limited cash to spend but in sheer need of escape from the city and on those accounts Shillong proved to be a great host. 2,418 more words

Travel In India

Vibhuti Express to Varanasi

This past weekend, I took the Vibhuti Express to Varanasi with a group of Kolkata friends. Our tickets were booked rather last minute so we ended up going to Varanasi in sleeper class and with “reserved against cancellation” seats which meant that we had to share berths! 508 more words


A breath of fresh air under the clear skies

An accessible, relatively short trek that offers breathtaking views at the peak and an opportunity to make wishes to shooting stars for those who choose to camp for the night, Triund is a great place to have an outdoorsy time. 658 more words


Andaman Adventures

I spent the past few days visiting the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a Union Territory of India located about  800 miles away from Kolkata. Straddling the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, the islands are famous for their world-class beaches, lush scenery, and water activities–specifically scuba diving! 909 more words