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Santiniketan Secrets

If I’ve learned anything after 9 months in Santiniketan, it’s this: most everything worth seeing/visiting/frequenting is kept secret. It takes a lot of sleuthing and exploration to find Santiniketan’s sweet little cafes and charming boutiques—most a bit off the tourist track. 1,531 more words


Sunday in the Sundarbans

This past week, Lalita came to West Bengal. (You might remember Lalita from my post on Mumbai—we’re good friends back from Oxford). Due to the protests up in Darjeeling and Kalimpong, we had to scrap our original plans of going up into the hills and focused on areas around Kolkata instead: we spent a couple days in Santiniketan, did some… 543 more words


Essential Tips for Visiting India with Kids

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Lansdowne: A Weekend Getaway from Delhi

The alarm broke our sleep and zombie-like we started to get ready for our trip to Lansdowne… reason being packing for the trip late into the night the previous day after returning from work (and a tad more taxing for me as I had got up at 4am to make Chicken and Tomato Sandwiches). 3,024 more words


Loitering in Ladakh

For my last major trip of this year, I decided to go to the Western Himalayas–specifically to Ladakh, the mountainous border region of Jammu and Kashmir. 980 more words


Five monasteries to look out for in India

India is home to numerous monasteries that make for a peaceful visit.

Buddhist monasteries in India can be found in numerous parts of the country and in large numbers, since the philosophy originated in the subcontinent. 691 more words


I'm sick of you getting Leh'd

I know that’s an easy pun that obviously emerged after everyone had started visiting Leh after ‘3 Idiots’ made it all hep and famous. Pop culture has an incredible ability to boost tourism – Goa became a ritual for all college kids after Dil Chahta Hai, India became interested in Skydiving after ZNMD, and Leh became the new right to passage for calling yourself a ‘traveller’ after 3 Idiots. 874 more words