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Five monasteries to look out for in India

India is home to numerous monasteries that make for a peaceful visit.

Buddhist monasteries in India can be found in numerous parts of the country and in large numbers, since the philosophy originated in the subcontinent. 691 more words


I'm sick of you getting Leh'd

I know that’s an easy pun that obviously emerged after everyone had started visiting Leh after ‘3 Idiots’ made it all hep and famous. Pop culture has an incredible ability to boost tourism – Goa became a ritual for all college kids after Dil Chahta Hai, India became interested in Skydiving after ZNMD, and Leh became the new right to passage for calling yourself a ‘traveller’ after 3 Idiots. 874 more words

Top 5 Hill stations in india

Kashmir: kakskasalslalq






Best Places In India

A Final Summer Break

Nearing the end of my Fulbright grant, I gained an unexpected opportunity: a month’s respite from Santiniketan. Visva-Bharati went on summer recess—so I did too; I flew down to Hyderabad to spend the break with my grandparents, trading Bengal’s intense humidity for Telangana’s scorching heat. 1,311 more words


Let's Vizag

At the Cochi airport, our boarding passes had an Andhra Pradesh tourism ad on the backside—a train passing through a verdant valley accompanied by the slogan, “Let’s Vizag.” I had been to Vizag, a coastal city on the Bay of Bengal, over a decade prior and was already interested in revisiting to see my cousins. 803 more words


Taj Mahal gets a facelift – and slaps on a mudpack

Pollution means India’s most famous monument is in urgent need of a thorough clean, but tour operators fear that the work may put off visitors