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Forget first class: Delta is going to start upgrading select customers to private jets

No more cramped seats, crying babies, or whatever else ails you when flying commercial. Delta is planning an upgrade for its top customers that will include the possibility of flying in one of the… 135 more words

Stories from Nearly Disastrous Days

As a travel professional, you learn that experiencing nearly disastrous days is a given. Heck, sometimes you even have actually disastrous days, like the unmitigated disaster of leading my clients through a blood-sucking leach-infested forest, … 526 more words


We're looking for riders to join these adventures

Horseback riding through an ever-changing landscape between Petra and Wadi Rum! We need YOU to confirm the following dates: 

24 Sept – 4 Oct ’15… 152 more words


Does the Travel Industry Help or Harm Locals: An outtake from a geography discussion board.

After reading the two arguments, it’s difficult to simply choose a stance. It’s my belief that tourism can both benefit and harm a country. I think it’s the responsibility of the traveler to learn about a region, a culture, the politics involved and to be self-aware and sensitive to any discrepancies in those areas. 207 more words

Free reports on powerful methods to fund your travel lifestyle

Dear Traveler

Do you long for the freedom to travel but your boring job is keeping you chained to the desk?. You feel helpless and powerless and an escape seems impossible. 112 more words

Delta's secret VIP service picks up celebs on the tarmac

It was one of the last holdouts for Us Weekly photographers and autograph-hungry fans seeking rare up-close access to celebrities: It’s the baggage-claim areas and exits from Los Angeles International Airport. 853 more words


Bring a Bag of Money to Mykonos

The Word Is: Cash is King! Discounts prevail, pensions and small hotels give most value; bus it to the beach; eat gyros and souvlaki and an Alpha Beer daily. 343 more words