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Okita Souji and the (un)Lucky Cats of Imado Shrine

The cost of living is relatively high in Japan, which makes Tokyo one of the more expensive places to visit.  I know my fair share of people who would love to take a trip there, but who have decided against it because of their financial limitations.   1,061 more words


10 Top Japan Summer Destinations

Top 10 Summer destinations  in Japan by HIS trend research

Not only beach destinations but also mountain and lake are also on the top 10 list. 1,416 more words


Japan Trip Day 3 : Nara-Osaka

Sched : Kyoto Station – Nara Station – Todaiji Temple – Osaka Umeda Station- Namba Walk – Shinbashi Shopping Street – Dotonbori – Kyoto Station… 1,174 more words


Japan Trip Day 2 : Kyoto

This is my 2nd Day Trip which will cover Kyoto. So the day Start from Higashi Honganji Temple – Arashiyama ( Togetsu Kyo Bridge, Tenryu Ji, Bamboo Groves) –  Nishiki Market . 819 more words


Calm down, it’s just a Capsule

Hardly any article about Japanese culture seems to find a way around Capsule Hotels, one of the major things non-Japanese people point at, saying: “What a weird country Japan is!“ 324 more words

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Japan Trip Day 1 : Jakarta-Osaka-Kyoto

Day 1 : Jakarta – Hong Kong- Osaka-Kyoto

Today is the 1st day of 11th day my trip to Japan. I’m travelling with 2 of my kids, so the trip is on a normal pace. 589 more words


En route to IUJ

Getting to my summer school, the International University of Japan, requires a lot of moving parts. First, I head to the airport in Portland, Maine. From there I hub through Chicago before climbing on the long flight to Narita Airport, where I overnight. 1,097 more words