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Things to do in Kichijoji

As the weather was good today, I decided to travel out of Tokyo’s 23 wards and take a walk around the Kichijoji area. 636 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( Fountains )

This week’s photo challenge is H2O.

I like photographing water in its different forms and states.

Photographing fountains is my favorite too.

The first one is a picture taken in the peace memorial park in Hiroshima. 56 more words


My Japan Itinerary

So above is my month long Japan itinerary. There is no words to describe how much I enjoyed being in this country. I wish I could have stayed for longer, but unfortunately due to financial reasons, a month is all I could afford.   380 more words


A Day Out In Nara

Nara was an ancient  capital of Japan, and it can be visited from either Osaka or Kyoto via train.

I traveled to Nara from Kyoto where I was staying. 176 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgia ( Okinawa )

Every body has their own interpretation of Nostalgia.

Different cultures and brought up experience have influence on what nostalgia may mean.

With a such diverse readership, more than 30% from the States and the rest from many English and even non-English countries, I was at a lost as to what I can show to depict Nostalgia. 74 more words


Tokyo Itinerary in pictures



Tsukiji Fish Market:


Cup Noodle Museum: 

Ramen Museum: 


Harajuku: 190 more words

Travel Tips

Hateruma Island 波照間島

What should I post? I don’t have topics. So… I post the memories of travel in Hateruma Island , Japan. It was 3 years ago but I still remember the people and blue even now.