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Arran: a history By Thorbjørn Campbell

This book was bought on the last day of our recent trip to Arran, so I did not start to read it until we had returned home. 207 more words

Travel Literature

A Room with a View

Swinging the door open with a metallic thud, Santiago walked into the waiting room. He pivoted around as if he were a washed-up dancer, greeting me and apologizing. 1,847 more words


A tour from Northamptonshire to London

  • AuthorLee, John, of Daventry.
  • Title: A tour from Northamptonshire to London : down the River Thames to the Isle of Thanet, from thence to Dover and the coast of France; interspersed with anecdote and sentiment; and an agricultural review of both countries, with observations on the cattle and the management of the soil / by John Lee.
  • 13 more words
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Survey - Online Mystery Packages

G’day detectives!

We would like to change the way we send out our short stories by creating a unique online murder mystery package. This package will deliver a new way to experience a story and the world it’s set in. 98 more words

Murder Mystery

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu - "Turkish Embassy Letters" (excerpts)

The second excerpt is the letter in which Lady Mary describes the Turkish practice of the inoculation against smallpox. Every year in the autumn, when the weather gets milder, people get together for a “smallpox party”, invited by a word of mouth. 271 more words


Lady Mary Wortley Montagu - "Turkish Embassy Letters" (excerpts)

Today I’m switching to the 9th edition of the NAEL, in which “The Lover” was replaced by what is arguably the most famous text by Lady Montagu, … 625 more words


Hey, are you still alive??

The title gives it away, I’m dead and writing this from beyond the grave; you could even say I’m ‘ghost’-writing. *waits for laughter to die down* 765 more words

Travel Literature