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Blissful & Thriving in the Culture of My Second Home

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been my second home for almost 13 years now. My life here as an expat is bitter sweet. Bitter because I often miss home. 1,260 more words

Keep On Thrivin

ThriveNIN Blog in a Twinkling!!!

Hello Thrivers!!!

Finally, I’ve summoned all my courage to put myself out there.  You see I’m an introvert so putting up a blog site was and still a constant battle with myself. 121 more words

Keep On Thrivin

3 reasons why Trek Difficulty Rating never works!

It’s a boring Tuesday evening, you are headed home from your workplace and casually idling your time away on ever so obliging Internet. You happen to come across a beautifully picturized blog or reading an inspirational fb/insta post by a travel headed friend about an awesome trekking destination. 806 more words


"A Wanderlust Soul"

Am I a wanderer?
Do I explore?
Do I know what’s meant by travel?
Buddies say I’m a traveller but my soul doesn’t insist. Do I get innerpeace when I travel?. 993 more words

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Blue is the colour!

Everyone has at least one of the things they are scared of! for me its definitely the water. So when my friend asked me out on a cruise from Sydney, i was in a serious dilemma. 909 more words


Miss Kace

I have been given many nicknames.

Kariyoka,Kare, Khayz, KC.

During our recent stay at Batam, Indonesia I told Windi just call me Kace (pronounce as KC I added A and E just because I want it longer 😅, you can also pronounce it as “case”). 31 more words


Her Name "Kanmani"

Time is running out. Sun is about to wind up his work for the day. I was laughing unknowingly. Became insane too. Do you know why I was like this?, The answer is at the end of the previous blog. 886 more words

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