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Dance of the Gods

In search of Kerala’s Theyyam that moves heaven to earth… where nothing is what it seems to be.  

Stop, stop the car, said Gautham. The driver wanted to get us to our destination quickly, hopeful that he would be let off for the day, early. 1,820 more words

Travel & Living

Flight fear ---Confession of a Traveloholic

So not very long ago, I had this terrible experience of flying on one of the flights in Europe. Having been on million flights before that, my only question was “ 593 more words


How to Avoid Common Baggage Problems During Travel

Mishandled baggage is not an uncommon phenomenon in air travel. The US Department of Transportation recently reported that for every 200 passengers flying domestic on the ten largest US airlines, at least one files a mishandled baggage report. 474 more words


Quick Tips for Eating at Restaurants

Most of us eat at restaurants for a variety of reasons; time and convenience are the most common motives. Below is a prepared list of quick tips for eating out of your home. 405 more words


World's Most Popular Scuba Diving - Similan, Thailand in Pictures

Similan, Thailand – Mu Koh Similan National Park has been rated first
by the U. S. publication Skin Diving of the top ten dive sites in the… 306 more words


Euro Escape 2016 - Barcelona

Selesai misi ‘penjelajahan’ di Bordeaux, kami teruskan kembara percutian di tanah Sepanyol di bandaraya Barcelona. Menaiki pesawat Easy Jet perjalanan dari Bordeaux – Barcelona hanya makan masa sejam setengah. 1,498 more words

Kembara Dan Kehidupan

Euro Escape 2016 - Bordeaux

Alhamdulillah selesai kuliah untuk winter term 1 (Oct-Dec 2016) pada minggu ke-3 bulan disember lepas. Sebagai simbolik kepada penutupan tirai kuliah, module instructor kami tak lupa untuk kirimkan buah tangan berupa assignment mengenai ‘designing your research’ yang perlu ditulis sebanyak 4,000 patah perkataan dan dihantar pada minggu ke-dua Januari 2017. 1,034 more words

Kembara Dan Kehidupan