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4 Lessons You Learn When You Finally Leave Someone Who’s Wrong For You

Letting go isn’t always easy. Sometimes we let go before we’re aware of what we have. Other times, we hang on because we feel that’s the only thing we… 28 more words

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4 Reasons Why Indonesian Are "Social" Online Shoppers

By Tuhu Nugraha.

Indonesians digital behavior have some uniqueness that may be is totally difference with other country. One of Indonesians is hardcore fans for social online shopping. 794 more words

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Revolusi Industri Musik Akibat Transformasi Digital

Industri musik adalah salah satu contoh nyata bahwa transformasi digital bergerak sangat cepat, dan mengubah keseluruhan wajah industri. Para pelaku industri musik, beberapa berteriak terkait pembajakan lagu,karena inisumber pendapatan mereka. 36 more words


10 Life-Changing Skills You Can Learn Online Without Going Broke

The future of education is online. Today, you can learn just about anything you want, such as photography, public speaking and even how to speak a foreign language.  68 more words

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How to Teach your Child to Overcome Bully Problems

Bullying has become a serious problem in today’s schools. It is much more than just hurtful words; some kids are physically threatened and harmed and even develop other problems, like anxiety and depression, when bullying persists. 31 more words

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The Beginner’s Guide to Using Uber App

The Uber app has been one of the most enjoyable of its kind for some time. Not only is it offering an easy way to get yourself from A to B without too many problems, it removes the usual clunky nature of normal taxis. 25 more words

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Should You Always Unfollow Your Ex After a Breakup?

I could feel the dread welling inside me as I scrolled through my Facebook feed. I knew I’d see his name; I knew the effect it would have on me, but somehow I couldn’t tear myself away.  33 more words

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