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Nyborg, Denmark

I was up very early on this fourth day of Braemar’s Maiden Ports Mystery Cruise. Why? I happened to see a very familiar bridge — one I saw on a previous cruise at midnight (and yes, I was standing topside on the deck, in a formal, taking pictures!). 325 more words

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I came across this ritual object on my trek to La Ciudad Perdida, it’s called a poporo. Our guide, from the indigenous group, Wiwa, carried it with him and would often be seen removing the stick from the lime (made from ground seashells), mixing it with the juices of the coca leaves he was masticating in his cheeks and rubbing the mixture onto the neck of gourd, to create the ever growing ring of calc. 111 more words

Hundested, Denmark

Our second port of call on Braemar’s Maiden Call Mystery Cruise was Hundested, Denmark. It is a small fishing town of about 8,500 people on the northern parts of the island of Zealand. 405 more words

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Larvik, Norway

I was up early to watch as Braemar’s Maiden Call Mystery Cruise sailed into our first port. We picked up our pilot and, as the boat sailed away, I noticed the pilot board’s flag was Norwegian.   247 more words

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Glitches in New Hosting Site

Thanks to those of you who pointed out the glitches this website has been experiencing since move to a new hosting site.  I thought I looked over the site pretty thoroughly after I moved it, but apparently, I wasn’t as careful as I needed to be when it came to finding all of the little things that jump up and bit me in the backside. 88 more words


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Picture Plan Nepal Travel & Tours

What a phenomenon! Who would have thought thirty or so years ago, when about the most exciting paid travel experience going was a wildlife safari or skiing, and that one day activities such as the following would be not only available, but insanely popular: 1,293 more words

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Midnight on Molokai

East End, Molokai

May 6 – May 9, 2016

Our vacation was high jacked by a kitten.

Now and forever, the island of Molokai will bring up heart warming and heart wrenching memories of the blue eyed, black haired fur ball we called Midnight. 1,147 more words