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A Half-Serious Set of Rules for True Italian Pizzeria-Goers :: Part 1

In Italy having pizza in pizzeria is a big deal. When a bunch of friends decide to go out for a pizza, dramatic decisions must be taken. 409 more words

Lorenza Destro

Chemtrails - a traveller's bone of contention

CHEM versus CON in The Sky Above

It is rare for us to see vapour trails from aircraft in the mostly clear skies above Perth, Western Australia. 767 more words

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DDO's, DUD's and WOR

Hanmer Springs is a very pleasant alpine village in North Canterbury. Unfortunately, for the four days we were in the town, it rained and was very cold which left plenty of time for reading books, magazines and doing a little research for our next adventure. 980 more words

New Zealand

Perjalanan ke Kintamani

Perjalanan jauh pertama kami di Bali adalah menuju Kintamani, sebuah daerah yang terletak di timur laut Bali. Sekitar 80km dari Bandara Ngurah Rai, Kuta. Ya, sekitar 2 jam lebih perjalanan. 758 more words

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Salaam Bombay

Mes premiers pas en Inde avaient débuté ici, à Bombay, aujourd’hui appelé Mumbai, une des plus grandes villes de l’Inde, et surtout la plus peuplée. 385 more words


Why are we doing this?

This question seems to come up more frequently at the moment, especially after I have put Ruth through a little more effort than she was anticipating. 686 more words


Kota Heraklius@Constantinople@Islambol@Istambol


Segala puji bagi ALLAH s.w.t kerana memakbulkan doa dan impian hambanya.

Impian ke negara turki dan khususnya istanbul telah lama saya impikan. Dapat transit pun jadilah. 212 more words

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