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Asia travel notes, summer 2016, Cambodia

This is from a post on my Facebook wall: Cambodia Notes.

  • Everything is so cheap here. I am even inclined to tip by about 100%.
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Travel Notes

Asia travel notes, summer 2016, South Korea

This is from a post on my Facebook wall: What I learned in Korea?

  • Lawyers and doctors are not popular – there are so many of them!
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Travel Notes

Photo Story: Marvellous Graffiti in Barcelona

Summer’s a short-lived phenomenon in Europe and as much as I loved sitting under the sun back in Delhi, I have to admit that I dislike the piercing Sun here. 216 more words

Travel Notes

42 мест в Стамбуле, чтобы его узнать с разных сторон

Завтрак в стиле палео в Journey в Жихангире- место для объемных и полезных био-завтраков, обедов и ужинов в хипстерской атмосфере в гуле английской речи местных экспатов (Gihangir, European side, near Taksim, … 266 more words



Listing down notes I’ve been writing from observations, mostly cultural, around the world.




Six States in Two Weeks


A Solo Motorcycle Ride Across Vietnam


What is it like to get Dengue Fever

Getting sick with dengue fever was one of the most horrible experiences I have ever encountered with. I am so happy it’s over. It made be more aware of damage that mosquitos can cause, and I been spraying  myself with the repellent day and night. 642 more words


Hello Łódź!


On Sunday I go to Łódź. It’s one of the biggest cities in Poland and it lies around 130 km from Warsaw. It’s well known as an industrial city, especially in the clothes industry. 204 more words