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Diesel prices….

We are driving on 287 north, just went through Wichita Falls, Texas, diesel prices are $2.43.9. This is the lowest we have seen. We paid $2.63.9 in Mississippi and $2.69.9 in Decatur, Texas.

$2.84.9 in Colorado.

On The Road

Bagaimana mempersiapkan Touring Sepeda Jarak Jauh?

Ini beberapa hal yang menurut saya lumayan penting untuk disiapkan kalau mau touring jarak jauuh dengan bersepeda. Berdasarkan pengalaman dan pengetahuan saya. Semoga bermanfaat.

  1. Ceritakan ke teman-teman dan juga keluarga tentang rencana kamu bersepeda.
  2. 559 more words
Travel Notes

No time no time....do you know the feeling?

So, I am back from skiing. I had a great time. And yes, skiing is almost as good as sex, but I never injured myself having sex. 209 more words

Words And Thoughts

Travel Note #1 | Everybody wants to be a cat

Truth be told, I am a catlady. I know this sounds rather boring and old fashioned, but I can’t help myself. In Marrakech I simply would have adopted every single ball of fur we came across and God knows there were many! 67 more words


I’m going on a quick trip to Berlin, starting Thursday night. Not long after the presentation on my Japanese travel.

It won’t be a long trip, and I may not have the time to do any real sightseeing… but still, can’t wait for it. 17 more words

Travel Notes

Tokyo, Japan: Culture Shock

Psychologists are required to study cultural diversity. In my graduate cultural diversity course, I distinctly remember learning about immigration and acculturation. I read, I studied, I dutifully drew out four boxes “Assimilation, Separation, Integration, Marginalization”. 586 more words

Travel Notes

Tokyo Eats: Gindaco Takoyaki

When it comes to takoyaki, you either like it or you don’t.  John’s not a fan, but I personally love a good takoyaki..    Gindaco makes really good takoyaki.  89 more words

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