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Going back, Moving Forward - Our Return Home

Weeeeee’re baaaack! And it feels great. We flew into LAX and enjoyed a few days with my family in Rancho Cucamonga. We did everything I had been dying to do while abroad- eat at my favorite restaurant in the entire world (still)- Vince’s Spaghetti, scarf down an animal style cheeseburger from InNOut, play tennis, play our family’s favorite card game Michigan Rummy, and hang out and do nothing with my family (and my sister’s new kittens!). 826 more words

Travel Notes

Cathay Pacific and Citibank Travel Fair 2015: Buy 1 and Get 2nd Ticket at US$50

So yesterday, I went to Powerplant to check out the Cathay Pacific and Citibank Travel Fair.  I got there at 11:05 am, thinking I’d be one of the first in line… 280 more words

Travel Notes

Reasons to Visit Iran (before everyone else will)

With the most recent developments regarding a nuclear deal and the wider relations between the West and Iran, many (the Iranian government included) are starting to tap into the country’s massive tourism potential. 1,542 more words

Travel Notes

Some Thoughts About Coming Home

Countdown to return: less than 12 hours

Warning: stream of consciousness about to commence…

I’ve recently been reading some travel blogs about people who have been traveling the world for years. 949 more words


You know you've been traveling a long time when... And pictures of Puebla

You know you’ve been traveling for a long time when…

  • You carry/steal toilet paper because you never know when you’ll need it and it is not provided…which is all the time.
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Milos #travel notes

Friday, 19 June
On board the Master Jet, Pireaus to Milos

A 3hr 5min trip on a high-speed ferry, adding an extra hour for delays. In the port, we found a shady corner where the heat was bearable and watched and waited. 701 more words


Weekend trip; Osaka

I especially love travelling with train. I like planes, buses and cars but trains are my favorite ones. And I did my first train ride italy with my friend when I was 22. 350 more words