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After all, that sunrise at Mandi was not so disappointing!!  

“I want to see the expressions on his face when he sees that first ray of sun enters through the bus window”, said my never-so-expressive friend while thinking about taking one of our mutual friends to Himachal, who has never been to any places other than Goa and Daman. 506 more words


Living up to my (Domain) Name

So this is half announcement and half musing over the wonderful conversation I just had with my friend Aaron. tl;dr: I’m now hosted at http://aquietamerican.com… 511 more words

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The Power of Film: An American's Reevaluation of Vietnam

Recently, my good friends over at The Tuscan Shed have been generous enough to post some articles I’ve written based partly on my experiences in Vietnam, and how movies have shaped many of my preconceived notions bout the country before I even arrived. 400 more words

Travel Philosophy

Vietnam: Zombieland Rules Apply

So, if you’ve ever seen 2009’s Zombieland, you might remember Tallahassee and Columbus’ most applicable rule for traveling abroad, especially in somewhere so foreign like Vietnam: Enjoy the little things. 358 more words

Travel Philosophy

Traveling Alone: Am I missing something?

Over the past few months, I’ve met some wonderful people. It’s embarrassing to say, but I’m horrible at keeping in touch with people, and I let some of these wonderful people disappear from my life without a trace. 746 more words

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Gallery of Travel Memories

The bare and beige wall above our couch desperately needed some colour. After browsing uninspiring wall art in home decor stores and online, we had the idea of creating our own little gallery of travel posters. 701 more words


The Luggage Dilemma ~ Backpack, Duffle, or Spinner?

One of the most important things to decide on before you embark on an adventure is what kind of luggage are you going to take. You need something… 2,058 more words

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