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Chockro goes Parasailing!

In 2014, I went backpacking for over 70 days, and among the many things I tried was this one fabulous day when I went parasailing. I don’t know how to swim and I was freaking out. 79 more words


Travel should make the world a better place

Last weekend I was dismayed to read a New York Times story about a “picture of excess” in tourist destinations. The piece chronicled the drunken, sometimes-naked misadventures of tourists across the globe. 429 more words


A Traveller's Tale

A friend of mine, Julia, just got back from a cruise along the coast of Alaska and Vancouver Island. It’s a great trip, I know – I did it a couple of years ago! 201 more words


We road-trip tested the Toyota Prius!

We’ve been driving the same car since 1997. To paraphrase Rick Steves, we’re making do with the old car, leaving us with more money to stretch our travel budget. 835 more words

Travel Planning

Buying Time

“Time is money,” they say. Well, actually Benjamin Franklin said it. However, nowadays I picture the idiom being used by a hotshot New York finance guy and I involuntarily cringe. 1,463 more words


Andrew Zimmern Talks Strange Food, Travel Philosophy, And His Favorite Destinations

Andrew Zimmern has lived a life. He’s an renowned chef, a hugely successful TV host, and a prominent voice in the world of food writing. 1,969 more words


The Burden Basket

I received a very thoughtful note from a former coworker last week in which he said that my blog “reads like (his) new favorite book.” I’ve never thought of my story in a book format, but it made me revisit things with fresh eyes. 963 more words