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A Shunpiker’s Guide for Serendiculous Enjoyment

Sometimes a single word is all it takes to focus a fuzzy philosophy and make its underlying principles logically clear. Finding that word is the challenge. 1,378 more words


My Solution to Weekday Woes

The rabble babble of everyday life seems to prompt many people to be working toward the weekend, or maybe working towards the opportunity for a vacation.  519 more words



One day, I was driving by myself and I was looking for  some music to play. And there it was, a song I hadn’t played in years. 301 more words

The Same Old Story

I want people to think I’m smart. 

Coffee is delicious. 

I hate a cappella. 

Snakes are terrifying.

These are just a few of the stories I’ve been telling for as long as I can remember.   1,378 more words


Same same but different

When planning a trip abroad, I’m always faced with some kind of philosophical question. What is it I want to see, to visit, to taste? Wat is it I want to share with my husband or friends and what is it that I want to do on my own? 330 more words

Ch-ch-ch-changes (part one)

I’ve been traveling the world long enough now that just thinking about it makes me start to feel old. There’s an NHL hockey game playing in the background as I write this and I’m willing to bet that a good percentage of the players on the ice right now were born after my first solo trip to Europe back in 1995. 1,027 more words

Travel Tips

On Less

You are never dedicated to something you have complete confidence in. No one is fanatically shouting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. They know it’s going to rise tomorrow.

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