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China is confiscating the passports of citizens in its Muslim-heavy region

China is requiring all residents in its northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to turn in their passports.

The state mouthpiece Global Times reported on Nov. 23 the new policy will help the government “maintain social order.” The predominantly Muslim region, which has around… 306 more words

Muslims, fly to the US while you still can

Trolling around the internet, I spotted this little gem. Apparently Jordanian Airlines was offering people (Muslims) reduced rates to fly to the United States, while they are still allowed to. 32 more words


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I have diabetes and use a long acting repository insulin that slowly is released over about 24 hours. At night, if my blood sugar is very low  I sweat and awake.* That can happen if I forget to eat at all  after mid day because of mild  584 more words

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China tried to block Canadian diplomats from Tibet for years: Stephane Dion

OTTAWA – China has for years tried to block Canadian diplomats from Tibet, banning some of them from visiting aid projects once funded by Canadian taxpayers, says Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion. 177 more words


EU Considers Easing Travel Restrictions From Georgia and Ukraine

Travelling the world is often seen as something only possible for the wealthy, but that’s not entirely true. It’s quite possible to find a cheap flight, and cheap housing, and visit interesting places around the world. 268 more words

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OK. The time for leaving Denmark for warmer climes is getting closer.

In just 14 hours, give or take a panic attack or two, Wonder Dog and I will be making our way westwards. 355 more words


Travel restrictions, burn ban lifted across all of Nova Scotia

The government of Nova Scotia has lifted all travel restrictions that were put in place last week due to the extreme wildfire risk.

Restrictions on hiking, camping, biking and other recreational activities were in effect on all provincially owned trails and parks to prevent the start of any more fires, as the province’s resources were exhausted fighting the Seven Mile Lake and other wildfires. 85 more words