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Best Internship Abroad Programs | Hands-on medical experience and more on your African Vacations

During your spring break in the final year, it is quite difficult to choose between work and fun. Wouldn’t it be a lifesaver if you could do both and that too away from your country? 273 more words


Revel on Kenya safari packages | Get close with the exotic wildlife as well as an adventurous Big Five Game

The natural wonder of the world, the immigration of the wildebeests in Masai Mara, the big five game reserves as well as the wonderful hospitality of the people in Kenya will entrance to spend your days here with more energy than you can spend. 260 more words


Help Orphanages in Africa | Education and Opportunities to Curb the Future of the talents within

In most countries of Africa, either war or rebellion is still being waged. In the face of this uncensored violence, many people are dying every day and many children are becoming orphans because of it. 285 more words


Book the Best Hotels in Dahab for a Phenomenal Stay in the Sinai Peninsula | Luxurious yet Reasonable Dahab Hotels |dahabplazahotel

Dahab is a paradise on the Sinai Peninsula. The backpackers can’t fight their temptation to explore the coral reefs and the exotic marine life of the Red Sea. 308 more words


The Exotic Wildlife Encountered in the Masai Mara Safari Packages Will Get You Hooked | africansafesafari

Africa  is popular for its wide range of wildlife and cordial hosts. Among all of the safaris, Masai Mara safari packages are truly a wonder. You can encounter the Big Five here and enjoy a good game within the safety of the guides. 324 more words