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What Climbing a Mountain Taught Me

You may have clicked on this thinking that I literally climbed a mountain, or did some extreme backpacking adventure. If that’s what you’re expecting, let me lower your expectations of me a little bit. 505 more words


A Weekend Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

It was my first time visiting the Martha’s Vineyard, located 2.5 hours drive near the Cape Cod area in Massachusetts. It’s a must-visit town when you live in the New England.   257 more words


Rome Mysteries tour reveals city's strangest secrets

Rome should change its handle. It’s not just The Eternal City. It’s also The City of Eternal Knowledge. Every day I learn something new. Whether it’s a new trattoria I want to try or a new Romanaccio word I shouldn’t use in public, living in Rome is like grad school without cramming for exams. 1,671 more words

Travel Stories

Part 7: States Visited

Life in 105: Part 7 – Number of States Visited

Today is all about traveling! I don’t even know how many states I’ve been to, so I’m writing this post while staring at a map and hoping I don’t miss any. 404 more words


Fujisan Can Wait

For many years I’ve dreamt of getting really close to Mount Fuji. Not so close as to touch it but close.

You know that desktop wallpaper with the fields of purple flowers, azure sky kissing Fujii’s snowy peak?

357 more words

I Lived with a Hindu Family in Dehradun

Hindu’s value conversation and having lived with a family in Dehradun, I re-learned how to sit without fidgeting, sip tea and talk.  We did this just about every afternoon at 4.   765 more words


Why Between The longitudes?

The everlasting thirst to explore and the never ending urge to see the unseen has lead us here. We cannot ever realize what we want or what we love to do unless we let our soul to find out it’s passion. 111 more words

Travel Stories