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Worth it? YES! Must See.

Cappadocia left me in awe – to think that all of it is natural is amazing. We stayed here for two days, which is short but enough. 599 more words



After 6 months in America it’s not quite as simple to prepare for going back to Europe as after a couple of weeks. Preparations began today, packing stuff, putting stuff into storage, returning tents etc. 88 more words

Travel Stories

Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

I shuffled and squirmed from the heat rising off the massive boulder beneath me. Pouring water down the back of my neck gave but a moment’s respite for my overheated body, the temperature was dropping rapidly though, as the crimson sun dipped towards the horizon behind glowing clouds. 658 more words

Travel Stories

Zimbabwe: An unofficial visit

This is to document my time with one of the dodgiest men that I have ever met.

It all started on a really clammy afternoon in a hostel in Livingstone, Zambia. 1,759 more words

Travel Stories

hot springs!

The first time I visited a hot springs was near Mt. Fuji in Japan.  This was before I had digital camera and was still pretty green as a traveler.   540 more words

Rayna The Explorer

Roadtrip - THE END

7000 miles, 1 police incident, 1 AAA incident and surprisingly many kits later I’m back in California. Tomorrow I will write a bit of a report. 11 more words

Travel Stories