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CHARVI +MANEK Life travel journey- 166

“We have come to the last segment of our, waterfalls travel da” said Vinay, with a sad face. “Don’t worry we will be travelling, more and more. 295 more words


Blast from the past: Meeting the Peruvian Family

In May 2013 / 7 years ago, I embarked on a journey that would change my life forever and it was very much not a given that the outcome would be a happy ever after…it could very much have ended in ‘you are not good enough for my daughter you bearded, curly haired foreigner’. 463 more words


A Family Trip to "The Most Magical Place on Earth"


A note from Avagail: When Verronica and I spoke about her travels, she had so many to choose from. As a veteran and military spouse, she’s had her fair share of adventures and global experiences. 1,151 more words


In search of Gaudi, Barcelona.

I came across this from two years ago. Barcelona has suffered a lot due to Covid19 but like many European Cities, it will survive and will cling to it’s creative culture for future visitors to embrace. 1,235 more words


The magic is in the Medina

A taxi negotiates a city of twinkling lights and illuminated palm trees standing proudly against a backdrop of a deep midnight blue sky. Traffic is heavy and enables us to glance in slow motion at the passing palaces, which resemble hotels and vice versa. 904 more words


Ecuador Chornicles IX: Valdivia

The whole experience to Ecuador has been so life enriching and I’m excited to tell you that this series is almost over.

After we left Isla Puná, we were able to connect to Wifi at a grocery store (Yay! 1,403 more words

It's August - Now What Are We Gonna Do?

International Health Insurance vs ACA Coverage in the USA

We arrived in Flagstaff, Arizona at the end of May. We drove here from California in a rental car to minimize our exposure to other people along the way. 4,557 more words

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