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Experience Belmont Estate; A Visual Guide.

I’m sure if
you ask a Grenadian what is there to do on the island, no doubt a visit to Belmont
Estate will be made mentioned. 825 more words


48 hours in Port Elizabeth

One of the lovely things about friends and family moving away, is that it gives you the task of visiting places that you may possibly give a miss on an another day. 1,364 more words

Travel Stories

Leh Taxi fiasco

These things happen. I know sometimes its frustrating when it happens but its a fun story to tell later on. (Honestly, I wan’t even frustrated at that moment. 1,305 more words


21/03/89 - 22/3/89

21/3, Tuesday – 22/3 Wednesday


It is 7:55 Sydney time and darkness has fallen over the island continent. The darkened coast of Australia has slipped by far below us and we are gone. 1,046 more words


I’m Learning Chinese and Other Tidbits From Shanghai

(Very cool art exhibit from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama)

The day has finally come! I have a mandarin tutor and am studying the language. Some may ask why it took the long; I’ve been living in Shanghai for 7 months. 229 more words


Bali I'm back : Yang berubah dari Canggu

Once again I’ve checked one of my 2019 goals, this time, it’s moving back to Bali!! YEAY! Tahun lalu gw sempet tinggal di Bali selama 5 bulan waktu lagi ngambil kursus fashion design, lalu gw meninggalkan Bali selama setahun dan selama setahun itu gw melalang buana di dalam dan luar negeri (my first international travels! 657 more words

Bahasa Indonesia


Linda and I spent they day doing our final chores in this country. I went to the dentist & got a hole filled, we changed the last of our money over & bought a few things for the journey. 155 more words