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Oregon (2 of 3) by Tom

Riding a bucking bronco has been described as like dancing with a crazy woman: just hold on and follow your partner.   I’m guessing that driving a motorcoach with a loose sway bar and busted front airbag is not too dissimilar.  881 more words

Travel Stories

Wandermates #3 - Happy encounter.

” A journey is measured in friends rather than miles” – Tim Cahill

This is an attempt to share all the interesting stories of people I’ve come across while on the road . 296 more words

Daily Updates

(Thought of)Being Infamous..

I’m sure that everyone has couple of Friends who all are very close to them, at the same time they are the one who  bring the most amazing ideas to explore life. 115 more words

First Post

Visiting Amsterdam...and Are The Rumours True?

Ashamedly I admit I’m writing my first blog post about Amsterdam, on the anniversary of my visit. That’s right, a little over twelve months ago was the very first time that I visited Amsterdam. 348 more words


The Old Man and the Vulture

An old man, his skin as orange and cracked as the earth below, sat hunched over from years of arthritis on an old splintered bench. He pried each finger away from his palm trying to open his fist to wave to the passing mother and child, but he was old and slow and they passed without noticing he was there. 622 more words

Travel - Food - Work - A lot on my plate 

Hello beautiful people! I haven’t been able to write much these days since I’ve been traveling, plus working a lot! But with travel comes a lot of stories, and a lot of great food! 41 more words


Random Observations About America Part 1

I never understood American public bathrooms. Or “restrooms”, apparently Americans go there to “rest”, the English go there to take a bath. Shitters, I never understood the shitters in this country. 149 more words

Travel Stories