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Green on Green in Botswana

It is indeed easy being green. There isn’t even a need to be the Hulk. A pair of lime green pants would do the trick. 51 more words


Trekking in Laos: It's where the Himalayas end and life for the Akha tribe begins

PHONGSALI, Laos — You don’t realize how long a country like Laos is until you go to its northern border. Laos is 1,280 miles long. I went from sweltering along a river in Central Laos to freezing my membranes off in the Lao mountains. 2,943 more words

Travel Stories

Don't drop everything to travel

“Don’t think about the money, just do it.” I’ve read that in almost all kinds of stories from long-term travelers who document their rendezvous with ego-punching photographs and videos, while indirectly telling you that your life sucks, it’s time to feel sorry for yourself. 816 more words


A Disappointed Beginning!

It was a dull foggy morning when I got up in the train on my way to Delhi. The travel dates back to the first week of December when most of the northern part of India is cold and covered in dense fog. 1,337 more words

Travel Stories

24 Hours in Avignon

I don’t generally recommend that anyone spend only twenty-four hours anywhere. You don’t get much of a feel for a place when you whisk in and out and only take in “the major sites.” 1,370 more words

Limassol Unlocked: You should put your merak(i) in everything you do.

If you ask me to describe Limassol a few years ago, I would be able to say  few things. First one would be the ‘Leymosun Türküsü’, a very famous folk-song about city in turkish which tells about the narrow streets of the city, hairs of a beatiful women through  the waves of sea, tree of Cümbez ( Sycamore according to translation) and more. 828 more words

Udaipur Travel Diary – Day 3

रंग बरसे भीगे चुनरवाली रंग बरसे……हो रंग बरसे भीगे चुनरवाली रंग बरसे…..होली है.

I missed celebrating holi in my hometown so dearly. 615 more words