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That time I thought I would die of diarrhea in Kathmandu, and other tales from the toilet

Our digestive health is one of the indicators of our overall health — so I think it’s worth talking about. Also…I’m just a girl who likes talking about poop (I’m not a girl who talks shit though — there is a difference). 1,377 more words

Travel Tales


Cool, cultured and casual are the words that aptly describe South Australia’s capital city – Adelaide.  When here, keep these at the top of your list… 838 more words


Splendid Seville!

I am not much a bucket-list traveler. But in the little “If I had to have a bucket list, what would I put on it” list, Seville had been high up. 567 more words

Travel Tales

Storytime -The accident prone traveller

So this story has been told to a lot of my close friends who have all laughed and wished I’d taken more pictures of the whole experience. 1,304 more words


What Dining At A 100-Plus-Year-Old Eatery Feels Like: Sri Mangalambiga Vilas, Kumbakonam

Walking inside the famed Adi Kumbeswara temple in Kumbakonam, the stone floor feeling cool against our bare feet, we are filled with a mix of awe and reverence. 947 more words


Cross China Road Trip 10: The Dazzling Colours of Old Town, Kashgar

I don’t remember too much of the modern part of the city. As a resident of China for over ten years you get used to its typical style of architecture and drive through it without giving it a second thought. 784 more words


Summer Romances on Your Sunny Travels

There’s no better way to spend your summer holiday than to leave everyday worries behind, head to an exotic getaway, and recharge your batteries fully – and there’s also no better way to spice up the vacation than to fall in love along the way. 810 more words

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