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3 things a small travel business needs to start selling packages online

We have previously talked about the importance of going online for a travel business. Here we will talk about the SME offline travel businesses and what they should look for in an online solution to start selling online. 1,033 more words

Travel Technology

How Travel Agents can use Facebook integration to drive website traffic and maximize revenue

The fact that we are talking about travel agents and agencies does not mean this article is not applicable to other business domains. In fact the ideas espoused in this article can be applied to any e-commerce website in any domain. 1,515 more words

Travel Technology

Choosing the right technology partner for your online travel business

In our earlier posts, we have explained the changing trends in the travel industry, and the need for travel agents to develop a solid online presence, to complement their offline operations. 1,370 more words

Travel Technology

Coming up next: Travel search engines that can think like you, a real-life traveler!

New technology geared towards business is great, but better help our with personal issues is often overlooked. Now I am in the travel business, and largely about what people want to do and where they can do that. 246 more words


Complete guide to smooth flying

Like most things in life, flying gets easier with knowledge and practice.

Knowing your way around check-in, airport layouts, security checkpoints and how to settle into a long flight can make the journey something to look forward to rather than to suffer. 30 more words


Do we really need internet on planes?

Am I the only one who doesn’t want internet access and mobile phones on planes? Is it not the last bastion of getting away from it all, short of heading off into the wilderness? 42 more words


Baggage handlers behaving badly

I had to laugh at all the fuss this week over a YouTube clip of Canadian baggage handlers tossing luggage around. Travellers from all over the world have been flocking to social media to express outrage over bags being dropped several metres from an aircraft into a luggage bin at Toronto’s international airport. 58 more words