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Cookbook: Round up of Travel & Tech #7

Good day, world:

Happy Tuesday! We spring forward (or onwards) a few days before Apple’s event on Monday, which allegedly will tell us more about the Apple Watch and reveal pricing, battery life and what features didn’t make it in order to ship the product. 800 more words


The real innovation in hospitality is in new processes rather than in technical gadgets

Mobile platforms in particular are becoming more and more important in the travel industry, and, at the moment, the hotel sector is being completely turned on its head – not by gadgets – but by new processes. 595 more words


New trends in the online travel space

In our earlier blog post, titled “The changing dynamics of travel business emerging markets”, we talked about recent trends in the travel industry and why traditional travel agencies need to develop a strong online presence, while maintaining the personalized service they offer their customers offline. 433 more words

Travel Technology

Cookbook: Weekly Roundup of Travel and Tech #6

Good morning, world!

We skipped a beat last week, as the flu captured not only my attention, but also my body and in fever states, my imagination. 607 more words


3 Pitfalls of 10X Thinking

The gospel of 10X has permeated the business and startup vernacular at a 10X speed, compared to the early 2000s – from Google’s Larry Page Gospel… 1,076 more words


More Travel Apps To Make Life Easier

Travel apps show now sign of waning anytime soon. Some have fallen by the wayside- ultimately they need to have some kind of business model that makes money. 449 more words


Personalization: The Spectrum Between Right, Hence Creepy, and Wrong, Hence Wrong

After reading Vincent’s post, I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents on music/video recommendations, which is ultimately, the highest form of personalization. Even if Spotify has all information available, it has not solved the problem of streaming the next song to a 100% success rate satisfaction. 450 more words