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Start a travel agency under OTA model with portal and extranet solutions

Starting a travel business from home is a good idea indeed. You need only a little investment. It is low-risk too. Just that you must be very enthusiastic to offer your clients best in class travel deals.   383 more words

Online Travel Software, Tour Operator Software or Travel eCommerce Solutions - PROVAB.com

travel ecommerce solutions, one of the most important points to consider is the features associated with it. The level of customization capability that the software possess also plays an important factor, while deciding on the software. 834 more words

Bangalore, London and Madrid seeing surge in Online Travel Software, Travel CRM and Booking Reservation Software – PROVAB.com

http://www.provab.com – The total travel volume had grown several folds in the last decade and so thus travel agencies and travel management companies are. Most of the travel companies are graduating to OTA model and deploying the best in class… 385 more words

How OTA web portals and software for travel agencies helping B2B, B2C travel agencies in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE?

In the modern technological era, online travel portals play a key role especially in the tourism sector by benefiting both the business and the customer. It facilitates online booking, which is an easy approach for the travelers. 650 more words

How much for a flight?

Global travel rarely comes cheap; it’s even more expensive when you have to send multiple members of your team away on an international client business meetings. 176 more words


Let’s have a meeting - wherever you are in the world!

I have recently heard about a travel startup app called ‘apreet’. It’s an amazing new app, which will help anyone that works for or owns a company that involves global travel, with international clients. 220 more words


Different time-zone? No worries, thanks to Boomerang

As much as I love to travel, I always find that travelling affects business due to different time zones.

There is nothing more annoying than knowing that you’ll be sending messages at inappropriate times to your receivers, thinking of messages you’d like to send to them, but knowing they won’t be online as they’re sleeping and then forgetting what you wanted to send to them in the first place. 266 more words