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10 things to look travel software before investing

The most notable quality travel company can offer is customer’s personal services supported by brilliant travel agency software. People have encountered multiple issues during their booking for flight and hotel due to system failure and they typically hold very short temper for non-functioning travel softwares.  453 more words

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Does Contract Management and Distribution System manages private and negotiated inventory?

It surely does, as contract management and distribution system allows the travel industry to get associated with domestic travel agencies by developing a simple contract, so that they can easily re-sell their inventories to the customers and enhance their sales. 485 more words

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The transformation of travel industry blended with technology

The latest technological development in the travel industry, widely known as Global Distribution Systems, also known as Automated Reservation System (ARS) that has helped travel agents all over the world. 476 more words

Travel Technology

Refocusing on Hospitality Recruiting

Originally featured on Hotel Business Review -http://hotelexecutive.com/business_review/4952/refocusing-on-hospitality-recruiting

As the summer draws to a close, and many seasonal getaways get ready to wrap their busy-season, the Back-to-School phenomenon kicks itself into high-gear. 1,009 more words


Employee Appreciation Programs

Originally featured on Hotel Business Review – http://hotelexecutive.com/business_review/4483/identifying-four-elements-that-make-an-amazing-hire

Appreciation programs can range in scale and cost. They can focus on recognizing individuals, promote teamwork and/or help employees achieve goals. 1,411 more words


How B2B and B2C Booking Engines Help in Travel Business

In tourism industry B2B selling is one of the most profitable sales channels which give opportunity to travel companies to expand their business into global market. 278 more words

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Which mobile platforms are used by top internet booking engine companies in travel domain?

Mobile platforms are the ongoing trend in travel technology as all the top online booking engine is using mobile applications in order to attract customers towards their business by giving them the utmost convenience for booking travel products. 415 more words

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