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Hiking in Philly and Questionable Food in Maryland: What Could Go Wrong?

Routine becomes a big part of every frequent traveler’s life. It not only helps us be more efficient in regards to our excursions, it brings forth a sense of comfort that that is sometimes absent when constantly leaving your home again and again. 1,785 more words


Moving to Japan - The Reality (part 2 ~ Jobs)

So now that we have covered the visa information, lets move onto finding a job in Japan.

Where to Look

Now to start, you don’t need to be… 2,826 more words

Travel Time

A love for New Orleans Aka The Nola

      The other weekend my girlfriend and I went to see Girls Trip. And it took me down memory lane. The places I’ve been to and the things I’ve seen while visiting this rare city. 213 more words



People are fond of traveling and getting into new adventures. Over centuries, a long time ago, countless people have traveled for a number of reasons. Some are looking for treasure, new lands or even for fame. 1,175 more words


Moving to Japan - The Reality (part 1)

So for pretty much my entire life, I have wanted to spend an extended amount of time in Japan.  The last year or so, I have decided it was something worth pursuing more actively since I was in a stage in my life where such a choice was feasible. 1,483 more words

Travel Time

Travel Time: IND-MIA

One of the things I enjoy about travel is the chance to either confirm or expel rumors that circulate about a particular area. Rumors like everybody is rude in Paris. 1,709 more words