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Fly fly away

Just a typical Wednesday in Amsterdam. Sun is shining, rumors outside and I’m looking from my laptop through the window at the same buildings again and again. 621 more words


Photography: Travelogue

Passion knows no age—17-year-old Amira Chanana has chosen to click in the medium of yesteryears. Leaving behind colour, she prefers black and white photographs and is soon going to be holding her first exhibition titled… 801 more words


Wormwood and The End of The World - Perception and coincidence

Have you ever thought of an old friend who you hadn’t seen in years, and then met them minutes later?

As I was writing this post, I was in conversation with my brother while walking down the road in Dublin, talking about this type of coincidence. 815 more words

Writing: Opinion


A day before D-Day (TRB 2nd half) starts, MY production IME announced that there will be 500 lucky fans who bought the VIP tickets for the con would have a chance to have a sign photocards whoch will be goven personally by BTS. 157 more words

Travel Time

#New Zealand - mengunjungi Hobbiton village

Kenapa ngambil internship satu bulan ke New Zealand? Yups, ini salah satu alasannya. Ada udang dibalik batu, hahaha… Ada misi terselubung untuk mampir ke Hobbiton saat mengunjungi New Zealand. 810 more words


#New Zealand - Ruakaka Beach

Pantai Ruakaka merupakan salah satu tujuan wisata pantai di North New Zealand. Mungkin tidah cukup popular bila dibandingkan dengan pantai2 di daerah Auckland, Wellington ataupun berbagai Pantai di South New Zealand. 129 more words


#Mekkah - Pulang ke Baitullah

Bagi saya, perjalanan ke kota Mekkah, merupakan perjalanan terbaik sepanjang hidup saya. Memang Mekkah tidak secantik Istanbul, Bursa, Sydney, Auckland bahkan Wellington. But it gives me the best experience ever!! 484 more words

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