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Barshawlona x The Art is Trash

I couldn’t even believe my eyes. Here I am 7 years later walking the streets of #barshawlona (my home). My heart beats feverishly out of my chest of with loads of joy. 779 more words


Germany Close Up x The Well 2018

Halo from Berlin(z) Germany.

I would like to share with you a short memo regarding the opportunity of a lifetime of which I applied to, accepted, and my participation in the program recently completed.    1,998 more words

Travel Time

FHWA Request for Information Regarding Automated Driving Systems

This blog just posted a couple of days ago, but this topic can’t wait, so we are posting again today. On January 18th the Federal Register published a Request For Information from FHWA regarding automated driving systems (ADS). 660 more words

"Stop Myself From Reminiscing About People And Memories That Hurt Me" Said The girl on train.

Bisa kurasakan kereta kembali melaju, setelah barusan berhenti di salah satu stasiun. Lagu di playlist yang kudengar lewat earphone terus berputar seiring kereta ini berjalan. Aku ingin sedikit menggambarkan situasi dalam kereta saat ini, dengan tidak terlalu rinci kurasa. 372 more words


Come on, Let's Travel!

Image, Shutterstock

Come on, let’s travel!

Take me to the Milford valley,

in New Zealand, where Russell Lupins

bloom effortlessly. Whisk me away

to this purple brigade. 94 more words


DVSA pickets strike against attacks on terms and conditions

PCS members at the Wakefield Driving Test Centre began two days of strike action on Monday 4th December against attacks on their terms and conditions of work as part of a national dispute. 230 more words

Trade Unions

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon shifts to less accessible areas

Deforestation decreased in the Brazilian Amazon considerably between 2004 and 2012 and and is since more less stable. Research indicates that those reductions where not uniform across the basin which bears important consequences for policy design. 71 more words