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Google Maps are Wrong!

At any given time, perhaps 5% of Google Maps data is wrong. And the reason is simple. Construction traffic control requires contractors to close lanes, redirect traffic into oncoming lanes, or close roads altogether until the work has been completed. 491 more words

38 Walking Miles, Broken French, and Beaucoup du Vin Rouge: Our Week in Paris!

The universe has a way of messing with us. Some people think it comes from a Devine source while others think it’s just purely coincidence. Either way it happens to us all eventually and we either deal with it or just give up. 1,733 more words


Radical Fall Short-Safe Study Skills For The New Worker

If you are teaching a student leadership class you will agree that leadership requires good organization. Do your high school students find that outlines are not effective enough in helping them to organize and retain information? 345 more words

Bopping Around Nashville 

Ha. Talk about a late post. We went to Nashville last summer- yes 2016- for my bday and here we are gearing up to go again and I never did the post from last year. 331 more words

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How To Connect Google Maps To Your Family Members History

As far as first person shooters go, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is one of the best. Some would even say that it IS the best. 243 more words

Weight Loss Objectives - Ten Suggestions For Excess Weight Reduction Achievement

In most households the pet is like one of the family. That is why it is so heart breaking when they wander away from home. This is easily fixed with one of the affordable dog GPS tracking systems that are currently available. 319 more words

We Are One Story. An Introduction.

Let me start off by introducing myself and my little family of love. There’s me, Jenn, a 33 year old mother of two, singer, artist, graphic designer, and lover of musical theater. 769 more words