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Coming Home Through Kaduna Airport

Since the closure of the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport on the 8th of March, 2017, residents and guest  have been force to use the Kaduna airport  or travel by road.  987 more words


The Universal Language of Travel

As an Australian, I speak English, a smattering of Italian and Japanese and a little bit more of Spanish.

Basic Japanese, I learnt in school, but Italian and Spanish are languages I’ve taken upon myself to try and learn, both for the mental exercise and to try and ease a few language barriers while travelling. 1,086 more words

Life Lessons

Incredible India 2: Entry Details

With the Indian tourist visa duly approved, I went ahead with the ticket booking.  There are currently 34 airports in India catering to International (which is a massive number in comparison to my own country’s 3). 727 more words


Plan A Thoughts Map When You Put Together For Umat

Geography is a subject filled with matter of facts. Unfortunately, there are simply too many facts to remember, which can become quite a challenge to keep up with, even for adults. 336 more words

Travel Time: IND-CLT

This week’s trip takes me from Indianapolis (IND) to Charlotte (CLT) for a three day stomp around the South.  Not often do I get to my home airport with enough time to just grab a… 686 more words

People Watching

Incredible India Part 1: Visa and Pre-Entry Matters

They say, we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

I say, I travel to live the life. After all, the world offers so much more than what the human imagination can come up with, and there is no better way to fully maximize one’s existence than experience as much as possible of the Earth’s every nook and cranny. 825 more words


Gps Systems And Mapping Software

If you’ve read my previous article you learned some very useful tools that I hope you’ll continue to utilize throughout your lifetime. I myself daily perform these three simple tasks, and I’ve reaped much benefit from my practices. 403 more words