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A Trip You Can't Affjord Not To Take

(8/13-8/15) Next up, to Bergen, in which there are sunsets, scotch, and an early departure. First, a sunset:

Looking out from the back of our hostel over Bergen, I shared some scotch whisky with my roommates, a Chinese-American from Florida named Lei and a Dutch guy named Peter. 195 more words

Travel Updates

On the Road and over the Atlantic Ocean

The following month I will be abroad, traveling in Iceland and America. For a long time I wanted to do this, and last february while couchsurfing in Münster I decided to take matters into my own hands. 216 more words


Entre into Norway

The first day of travel on my own. What can be done? What must be done? The Settlers fra Catan, first edition:

I met three Canadians who found the mysterious box beneath the common room table, missing like 1/4 of its pieces. 145 more words

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Travel Update #36: The Way Back

Hour 1: Budapest

As the morning dawn peeked in through my window, I moved slowly, deliberately, taking care not to wake the bunk beds beside me. 550 more words

Travel Updates

One fine day it will be your turn, you will leave home, your city, your country to pursue great accomplishments.
– you will defy the human fear for change.

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A Bridge Between Two Continents

8/10/15: Urooj and Yusuf left to return to the states, and I bid adieu to Sawyer and Linnet, leaving me a solo traveler. We were able to meet in the middle of the Atlantic and highfive, literally and metaphorically, as we trade continental places. 361 more words

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Travel Update #35

Weary though I was, I had to go out in style! So, with my Irish hostel worker as a guide, and about 20 fellow backpackers as my drinking buddies, we began our crawl through Pest. 154 more words

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