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Every human being on this planet needs to push themselves to the point of breaking, it’s a must believe me. You need this to see what you’re capable of, what are you made of and how much pressure you can take.

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Travel Update #33

My day began with a bath. In this:

Anyone who has heard of Budapest has subsequently heard of their famous thermal baths, which are essentially huge spas housed in the courtyard of ornate buildings. 220 more words

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Travel Update #32

Full disclosure: I had very high expectations of Budapest.

I’ve had several well-traveled friends go in the past few years, and all of them have come back raving about how it is their favorite city. 326 more words

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Travel Update #30

Next stop: Greece! Land of Zeus and the Parthanon….and the debt crisis.

After an initial wave of worry, I have found it fascinating to be here as it is the center of world news. 195 more words

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Travel Update #29

Back in central Prague, I had one thing on my mind: the John Lennon Peace Wall.
It was covered in layer upon layer of saturated atristic expression, some decades old. 233 more words

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Travel update

Flight to Madrid was smooth, dad dropped me off at John Lennon, the technologies of today had allowed me to check in online, so I just went straight to the luggage supervisors, all was fine apart from my huge bottle of hair conditioner ( the travel size one would only wash 2 strands of my hair believe me) so I had to give the lovely supervisor a brief explanation on how I’d look like murder if he didn’t let me take the conditioner away, so along with a pretty smile and a rather soft look he let me get away with it. 342 more words

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Travel Update #28

The following morning, which happened to the be the 4th of July, I boarded a bus to Cesky Krumlov.

Encircled by a river and guarded by tall, white castle walls, Cesky Krumlov looks like the set of a fairy tale. 163 more words

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