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Icebergs In New Zealand

This image was made at  Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake by Aoraki/Mount Cook, New Zealand with a Panasonic GH2, 7-14mm zoom at 14mm 1/500th sec. at f/8, ISO.   40 more words


The Classic Post Card Shot

This was shot in Scotland on a lake that some rich Scottish guy made just so it would remind his wife of a lake back in America where she was from.   58 more words

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Montgomery Reef

As you have seen from previous posts, i made a recent trip to the Kimberley region of Austrailia. Amazing doesn’t come close to describing what a great trip it was. 57 more words

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Magic Light In Tuscany

I am totally in love with Tuscany.  It’s a very different kind of landscape as it is big and broad and lacks a lot of foreground that I am so used to using in typical landscape shots.   65 more words

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Antarctica Sunrise or Sunset

Antarctica offers a an environment of great photographs.  Dynamic, changing and never cliched.  You can be on shore or the deck of the ship and see and shoot just beautiful images.   71 more words

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Lonely Fisherman

I love this shot.  This was done off the coast of Newfoundland while out whale watching.  We saw this guy in his dory like fishing boat and it just looked so cool.   97 more words

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Sunset Over Marathon

Last evening i was visiting some friends in Marathon, FL.   This is one of my friends that I have stayed in touch with from High School and she has been working for years in keys with Dolphin.   57 more words

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