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Reader in the grass - 5 books to try

This year again, the sunny summer has gone off my radar – and if you live in Belgium, you might have entirely missed it, too. Here, it shows up on a “now you see me, now you see me not” basis. 805 more words

Book Reviews

A time in the Highlands of Scotland & Morelle Smith's The Star-Reaper

Aigas House, Inverness, Scotland

Dear friends,

I realized the other day that I had never linked in here my three travel blogs on my 8-9 days this summer at Aigas House, Inverness, Scotland, located at the southern faultline of the Scottish highlands. 287 more words


Cornwall's Wonders: A 3-Day Road Trip.

Picturesque cliffside views, turquoise coloured ocean that looks as though it’s been photoshopped, charming cottages, narrow dirt roads framed by willow trees that make it feel as though you are about to enter Narnia at any given moment in time, this is Cornwall. 720 more words


Clare Island

A meetup weekend

One of the last weekends to trek across the country with my camera before the weather turns, I headed off to Heuston Station to get the train to Westport last Friday. 234 more words

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Indian Roots (part 6): IN KERALA, WITHOUT A SCOOBY DOO

My impulsive nature means that I often find myself in a reality that I can’t logically explain. A place in which time seems to stop for a moment, just long enough for me to take a look around and ask myself, “How the fuck did I get here?” 691 more words


"How do I become a travel writer?"

One of the questions I get regularly is “how do I get paid to be a travel writer?”

This comes up frequently during informational interviews and at networking events. 584 more words