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Netaji Bhavan, Kolkata

Netaji Bhavan is the ancestral house of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose currently managed by Netaji Research Bureau. The house has been converted into a museum where Netaji’s personal belongings are displayed. 180 more words


The Trip

Where are we going?

Destination in sight

We have arrived

Some sightseeing…

…and local culture

And more sightseeing…

Plus food…

I like this painting

Took in a performance… 6 more words


Waking up in a new place

Waking up in a new place is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. There are endless possibilities.

Some associate the unknown with fear, personally, I welcome it with curiosity. 415 more words


Opening new doors

Some music for your reading..

I’ve talked endlessly about setting up a blog and now here it is (after failing to understand tumblr). A nesting place for the thousands of photos I take and then abandon to the dark corners of my hard drive, rarely to be glanced upon again. 309 more words


Do you 'Travel', or just live overseas?

It’s an odd moment when you realise that even though you’ve been away from home for months and months, you’ve barely travelled at all.

When you have personal issues in your life, escaping them just isn’t an option. 724 more words


Manasota Key: Englewood Beach

Back in grade school, I saw the movie, “Jaws,” which scared the living begeezus out of me! Sharks became the only thing I was really afraid of, and for years I didn’t go in the ocean (at least not very far). 810 more words