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The Curated Traveler: Vienna

Our weekend in Vienna was… interesting. That’s the word my mom always told me to use if I didn’t really like someone or something. Of course there were a lot of fun moments and beautiful sites and some delicious bratwursts; it is Europe, after all. 352 more words


Some Peace & Quiet

Life be a buzzing.  Really……it just doesn’t stop of it’s own free will.  I can remember being in high school, senior year, and thinking, oh man, I can not wait to get out of this stress prison.   828 more words

A walk around Sliema

Sliema is maybe the hippest and most busy city in Malta. It is home to many shops, restaurants and bars it is also know as a little posh or “Tal Pepe” how the Maltese call it. 780 more words


Greens, Blues and Rocks

(looks best full screen; click once; and once more on the image and then F11)



Iceland, aurora borealis

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What Spanish Lets You Do

I know I teased you all with a short trailer earlier, so here’s my interview with my friend Michaela and some insight into what learning Spanish has allowed her to do.


....bridges, let there be bridges

Nothing gets kingstonians more excited than bridges, mythic or otherwise. Recent news should have pulses raised, what with the teasing of federal funding for the long mooted but rarely seen third crossing… 51 more words