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3 places to visit before age 25

Although I’ve always been interested in travel, I haven’t done much of it yet. With the lack of money and time, it’s hard to actually get out there and do it. 292 more words




I love massage, when doing massage i was treated as a human rather than a robot like in my office. I am not complaining my boss, sure they will fire me, but a situation in modern life, in modern society, push me to be a hard worker..almost overwork. 191 more words


Stock In Trade

When I’m traveling, whether watching my food intake or not, I always give in to local spots. In my opinion, as all these posts are, you can’t truly get the feel of the wanderlust life if you aren’t enjoying all the cities have to offer. 224 more words


Holiday Food

I recently got back from my amazing honeymoon. We traveled down the coast of California and then over to Hawaii, so plenty of fresh avocado and pineapple was on the cards! 394 more words


The National Trust: The Garden at Virginia Woolfs Monk's House

In letters to friends Virginia said, “ The point of Monks House is the garden. I shan’t tell you, for you must come and sit there on the lawn with me, or stroll in the apple orchard, or pick—-there are cherries, plums, pears, figs, together with all the vegetables. 530 more words


Milford on Sea

  Having left London just over a week ago, I am now in a cozy little village on the south coast of England. After a train, and short bus ride, I arrived in Lymington England and was greeted by my host and the owner of the Yacht Touring company of which I am volunteering. 778 more words