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We Are Home this Christmas

♫ ♩ngunit kahit na anung mangyari ang pagibig ang maghari. Sapat na si Jesus ang kasama mo.
Tuloy na tuloy pa rin ang Pasko! ♬♪

Traveler On Foot

Staycations with TOF

STAYCATIONS. It’s obvious that we enjoy traveling but there are occasions when certain circumstances limit our traveling feet from doing this thing we love. Uncompromising schedules, a dominant priority, budget restraints are just some of the reasons that kept us from having our regular day tours or weeklong sojourns out of town lately. 760 more words

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Traveler on Foot Year 5

TOF is five years old. As a tradition, here are random pictures from the previous year. It is my first time to use the default slide show presentation from IPicture. 77 more words

Traveler On Foot

Philippine Walking Tours

It takes curiosity, fearlessness, and love for travel to appreciate traveling on foot in a tropical country that is rich in natural and cultural heritage like the Philippines. 1,795 more words

Traveler On Foot

Manila International Book Fair

It is in book fairs where we buy books at discounted prices, rub elbow with fellow bibliophiles, and even have the opportunity to meet publishers and authors of our favorite books. 529 more words

Traveler On Foot

The Journey that Made Me A Travel Blogger

Let me start this article with the following disclaimers: Firstly, I am not a writer. I like reading, doing research, and listening to people but composing an article to make sense of things based from my experiences is most difficult for me. 691 more words

Traveler On Foot

Las Piñas Bamboo Organ

My mother is my first piano teacher. She taught me piano basics like the proper positioning of the fingers on the keyboard and keys that make up each chord. 359 more words

Traveler On Foot