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2019 the Year to Travel

This year has been good to me about traveling. 2019 is the year of for travel for me. I have visited Portland OR, Destin FL (Santa Rosa beach), and I will be going to Spain in October and Malaysia in December. 353 more words

My First International Travel Experience

I was too excited when my father told me that for LTC (vacation) we are traveling to Europe. I was on cloud 9 by just imagining Europe as shown in the movies, beautiful roads, clean and crowed streets, men in formal suits every day, Swiss cow with bells on farms and many more. 901 more words

Indian Girl

My first Scuba-Diving Experience 🐠🏊


My mom knew I wanted to do scuba-diving for a very long time. My mom was more excited than me, as I was for going underwater looking at corals and fishes. 284 more words

Indian Girl

About Me

Jack of all Trades, master of NONE

I am many things but have not yet mastered any of the known things. I am traveler by heart, dreamer by soul and explorer by mind. 


Discovering our world: Gānsù, China

Hello my dear readers,

Maybe some of you are in holiday, lucky you, and some of us are still in the office, not so lucky 🤪 However, I hope your week is going smooth no matter where you are. 483 more words

It's All About You

“ The process may hurt but God doesn’t “

Hey friends!!!

It’s been a little bit since my last blog post on here… meanwhile what I’m going to be talking about tonight is how any process in life may or will hurt but only if you’re trying to take charge of your own life and not letting God show and lead you the way. 1,130 more words