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How To Travel With Less Than 10 Kilo Total Luggage

So, if you’re a bit like me, you hate carrying around too much luggage. I discovered this on my first solo trip around Australia in 2007. 520 more words

Travel Stories

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: New Sights

I’ve been preparing over the last couple of days to attend a writing conference. By the time this comes out, I’ll have already gone and returned! 697 more words


Travel cheap, travel light

These days, airlines can charge you for whatever they want. Checked bag? $50. Carry-on bag? $35. Traveling in the summer? Fares double. The best way to travel cheap is to travel smart. 491 more words

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Creative Communication: Time Capsules

Did you ever make a time capsule? When you were growing up did you ever imagine that some strange culture would come to your backyard, fifty or one hundred years later, and dig up what you had buried all those years ago? 512 more words


Autumn Feels Like...Boots and Scarves

Like I mentioned yesterday, the perfect boot is great for all kinds of weather, including wind, rain, or snow. When autumn blows in, sometimes it’s tempting just to huddle indoors and watch as the season changes. 176 more words


Traveling light

Time for my summer vacation is almost here and when that time comes I face the same dilemma every year. Does anyone know a secret to how to pack lightly? 265 more words

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Setting Down What Weighs us Down

It’s easy, when attempting to be prepared for any and every situation, to pack too much in your suitcase before a big trip. My husband rolls his eyes and reminds me that we’re not going to the middle of nowhere and that there are stores where I can purchase anything I may need. 698 more words