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Lean Into It

Nobody wants to lose, but are there lessons to be learned from losing?

During this season of March Madness we’ve watched an abundance of college basketball at our house and on the road. 431 more words

Traveling Light

Spring Break can only lead to Summer Sun

Seat 32A all the way back to icy (freezing) Philadelphia!

Warm Dallas Sunshine…till we meet again in June!

Sweet Feet: A Future Podiatric Surgeon's Journal

Writing a novel while traveling, some thoughts

Later this year I’m heading away for a trip into the wilds. Well, with some touches of cities and towns.  The trip will involve thirteen flights. 502 more words


A night at the airport...

All-nighters spent studying are… worthwhile.

All-nighters spent studying with Chick-fil-A are…delicious.

But!…All-nighters spent studying at the airport with Chick-fil-A on the way Home-Sweet-Home for a relaxing and studious break….Priceless! 42 more words

Working Hard And Hardly Working

The Art Of Packing Light: How To Fit Everything Into Carry-On Luggage

If you have a trip coming up, I know you’re probably not looking forward to packing for it. There are plenty of reasons why you should try to fit everything into… 1,162 more words

The Song Of 02/27/2017: Leonard Cohen - Traveling Light

You know what? Leonard Cohen is back.

Yes, you heard it right. If you still in doubts, I can repeat it: 420 more words

What to Pack: Traveling Abroad

currently playing on my iPod: Life on Mars by Aurora

I’m a complete travelholic. My living room sports the couch I bought in college and I’m wearing a Victoria’s Secret Pink shirt from the nineties—all so I can afford to spread my wings and fly. 336 more words