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See What I Mean?

My friends are skeptical about my claim of packing light. This post will be unusual because it is photographic evidence and comments regarding my “luggage” for my trip that starts tomorrow.  195 more words


Traveling light.

“I travel light.” That is a line spoken by John Wayne in the film In Harm’s Way.

It is an idea I adopted a long time ago. 546 more words


Traveling Light (Luke 12:32-40)

  1. Traveling Light (Luke 12:32-40)

Traveling Light” originated from the pulpit of West Green Baptist Church where Kevin serves as Senior Pastor. Pastor Kevin delivered “Traveling Light” on August 7, 2016 in the Morning Worship Service. 121 more words


How To Travel Like A True Minimalist (In 40 Items Or Less)

So you have finally saved up enough, quit your job (until you go back to it with your tail between your legs) and said goodbye to your friends and that alcoholic semi-friend who solely turned up to your farewell party because of the $7 jugs of beer. 430 more words

Simply curious and curiously simple

When summer began, I didn’t think about simplicity and curiosity like I do now, as summer nears its end. Sure, every time I rummaged deep through my closet, I thought about the need to clean out. 1,597 more words

A Listening Heart

Traveling with Pets

My new friend, Heidi Casper, wrote today’s Guest Post. Heidi is a children’s writer currently working on her middle grade novel (for 8-12 year olds). 966 more words

Traveling Light

Prepare to Be Spontaneous

Think back to your favorite childhood memories. How many of them have to do with your parents doing something spontaneous?

Perhaps they suddenly called you to the car for a quick drive. 358 more words

Traveling Light