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Minimalism: How to Pack Light When Travelling

As a human that barely skims over five-foot-one who fails at being an avid gym member and who can barely wield a plateful of food, with a fifty-fifty chance of straining a wrist along the way, I am a strong proponent of packing light. 1,074 more words


Packing Like a Pro

The one thing I’ve gotten very good at over the years is packing. I have lived years of my life out of 2 suitcases which started off when I left for Peace Corps. 1,013 more words


One Month Travel With One Carry On??

Packing is one of my biggest travel challenges.  I always intend to travel light, but sometimes I get carried away at the last minute.

I’ve been able to go for two weeks with just a carry on.  792 more words


5 Eco-Friendly Products You Need in Your Travel Bag

As some of you already know from my Instagram stories, I’ve been traveling a little bit more for work. I recently went on a trip to Houston, Texas and I’m currently in Anaheim, California. 751 more words


A Word Before I Go

I keep getting emails from WordPress.

“Your domain name will expire in 35 days….29 days….23 days….”.

It is true. I have decided not to renew my domain name. 607 more words


Tips for Packing Light

I doubt anyone has ever said, “my luggage isn’t heavy enough. I should have packed more.” Who wants to feel like a pack mule while on vacation? 817 more words


The Best Guide to Just a Carry-on

Every woman knows the feeling.  We get overly excited about going on a vacation together either with a bunch of girlfriends or our significant other.  As we begin to prepare outfits mentally or piecing things together that we’ve seen on Pinterest a slow realization comes to mind, “We’re definitely going to over pack” In our minds we can never have enough clothes when on vacation. 370 more words