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Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park: Great for people, stinky for dogs

In Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park the Boardwalk and Portage Trails offer spectacular views of the falls, and even when you can’t see them, their gentle murmur follows you as you hike.  293 more words

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Dog Parks in Manhattan

Even though skyscrapers and crowds rule the concrete jungle, there are still plenty of places for you and your pup to stretch your legs. New York City is home to many dog parks, where your dog can safely run and play. 517 more words


Fitness and flourishing: The benefits of attending to your dog's mental health

They say that a tired dog is a good dog and, generally, they’re right. This is a little bit concerning because although this summer with its camping and hiking and swimming has been good for both of us, Milo is getting physically fitter than I am. 765 more words

German Shepherd Dog

You May Say I'm A Dreamer

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a week it has been.  Hurricane watch for our Florida place, a vet person visit, and house hunting.  Generally, that would be enough for most people during the week.   489 more words

Like the phoenix rising from the flames...

Two surgeries: Check. Dead AC: Check. Dead Washing Machine: Check, Hurricane IRMA: Check. Dead battery: Check.  Dare I say this?  The Tin PeliBLOG Lives! Jerry and I have decided to finally depart (1 year and 9 months since the initial trailer purchase) on our maiden voyage in the Tin PeliCan pulled by none other than Dotty the fancy-schmancy truck on October 1st.  439 more words

19 Foot Challenges

Traveling with Pets

If you’ve ever tired to go on a vacation with a pet unprepared, you know how hit and miss everything can be. Whether you are driving, flying, cruising, or biking there are different rules and regulations based on where you begin, where you plan to go, and where you end. 1,494 more words

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Walking On Sunshiney

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Some days I wake up and I think that it is going to be a great day.  Not as great of a day as Deputy Digby may think.   783 more words