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#31 I should not ignore the sound of music

I was trying to finish a story about a recent trip to India, despite all the noise and commotion around the corner from where I was staying. 18 more words


Overcoming Anxiety while Traveling

I went to DC recently for work and had several breakthroughs on the anxiety front!


Hang-Ups: I have developed a fear of flying over time because my GOD planes are high up off the ground, flying and stuff.   434 more words

Where's Rose?

We’re at the Hamfest in Waldo.

We had the primo spot! Right by the entrance where everyone said, “Good morning” when they walked in the door and next to the garbage can where everyone said, “Howyadoing?” when they dumped their trash.

Do you see #FlatRose?


Denmark; I hope you like rain.

Truth be told, I feel that we were robbed of a proper visit to Denmark. It poured and sprinkled around 95% of the time that we were there, and we were trapped inside a HoHo bus (hop on, hop off) for a majority of the day. 754 more words


VIDEO | Exploring and Traveling in Hawaii's Kauai

Hawaii’s island of Kauai was the first place Mike and I traveled together and it’s one of our favorites to go back to. Kauai has been in the news lately due to the  136 more words


Book Review: Passport Is My Favorite Book- Rejoice When Magic Touches Your Life (A Narcissist's Memoir Book 2)

Passport Is My Favorite Book

Travel; it is one word that makes me happy instantly. I have too many travel goals and whenever I find a book related to travel, I pick it up without any second thought. 330 more words