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Travel to love

Best way to eliminate stereotypes is to travel.

Welcome to Palestine were we don’t live in tents, we don’t ride camels to work and we have elevators, our women can speak occasionally ( in fact they do most of the talking just like everywhere else ) and they have the freedom of what to wear. 81 more words


[2015 UK] High school never ends

「十年後再來英國開同學會。」這一句玩笑話自己一直默默把它記在心裡,出了社會上班賺錢之後也盡量努力節省開銷(當然一部分也是為了貸款不得不如此),希望能達成這個人生目標。於是2015年夏天假借同學會之名,實為滿足迷妹之心,與老妹一同規劃了倫敦(London)-卡地夫(Cardiff)十七天之旅。 77 more words