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Adventure Report: Spontaneous Canoe Trip

My friend Ethan emailed me on Tuesday suggesting we go on an adventure over the weekend.  We bounced some ideas around, decided to go canoeing… 592 more words


Land of the Incas: Prologue

A short while ago I decided I wanted to start traveling more and the result was a hastily planned trip to Peru. How hastily? Well I decided to take a trip, where to go, and bought a plane ticket all within three days. 411 more words


Traveling with Cloth Diapers

Ok, so since we are getting ready to go on another road trip/vacation I figured this may be relevant for many readers. I do see a lot of posts on forums asking how to travel with cloth diapers so hopefully this will shed some light on the subject. 705 more words

Cloth Diapers

Struggle to Stay on Task...? Here's How to Fix That (For Travel, Food & Book Bloggers)

1. Set your wake-up time a half an hour earlier tomorrow.

Use the extra time to think about the best way to spend your day. 451 more words


How to Get Your Confidence Back in 5 Minutes or Less (For Beauty, Travel, Photography Bloggers & More!)

 1. Hold a high power pose for two minutes.

Try this superhero pose: Stand up straight, shoulders back, chin up with hands placed on your waist and legs hip-width apart. 263 more words


2 Quick Ways To Get More Engagement On Your Blog (For Travel, Food, Fashion Bloggers & More!)

Question asked By: Jordan Ferguson

Website: www.thisdesignblog.com

Original Question: “This is a must to read. recommending it to everyone! I am wanting to get more thoroughfare onto my blog, and trying to get engaged readers. 179 more words


It's Never too Late to Live Your Dreams. Here are 5 Ways to Live your Dreams! (For Travel Bloggers & More)

1. Forget New Year’s resolutions.

While they may have their time and place, this isn’t about what you can do better. We aren’t talking about exercising more or being more organized. 398 more words