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Segovia, Spain

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” -Samuel Johnson  414 more words


Separation Anxiety

sep·a·ra·tion anx·i·e·ty


  1. the normal fear and apprehension expressed by infants when removed from their mothers or approached by strangers.
  2. any similar reaction in later life caused by separation from familiar surroundings or close friends or family.
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The Dorky Daddy

Loving the road; love on the road

It’s no surprise that I love travelling. Discovering new places, experiencing fascinating cultures and meeting new and interesting people from all over the world, what’s not to enjoy? 600 more words


Adventure is Out There

This is not a post that will change your life, or change how you look at life. Instead it is a bunch of pictures from my recent vacation to Beijing. 250 more words


How long do you call it luck before it becomes something else?

Since I just had another crazy experience, I’ll post this instant update before going back to my travels. ;)

Right now I’m sitting in the plane I already missed, and I’m pretty sure now that there is someone watching over me. 213 more words


#Thailand celebrates Chinese vegetarian festival

Thailand on Tuesday starts celebrating the first day of the Chinese vegetarian festival. Shrines in every province in the country have raised lantern poles to signify the beginning of this year’s vegetarian festival. 256 more words