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Veni Vedi Amavi #SayYesToTheWorld

Veni Vedi Amavi means we came, we saw, we loved. Every word of this Latin phrase is imbibed in my heart forever.

Travel means different things for different people. 907 more words

Relationship & Stories


“We’ve been there, just not as humans.”


The planet Mars is the fourth planet away from the Sun, right behind us at third. 408 more words

Paradise Island

our final stop Paradise Island……December 2, 2017….Paradise Island is not really a well developed island its not really a developed island it just happened that this part of Sta. 299 more words



our 2nd stop Virgin Island…….December 2, 2017my beautiful Mother Annie welcomes you in Virgin Island………

Wow Virgin Island, it’s quite a commercialized island for now as what my sister in law told me there’s a lot of changes in thee island aside from being flashed by tropical storm yolanda thee ISLAND still stood to WELCOME VISITORS. 276 more words


just like a deserted island in Hilantagaan Island

our 3rd stop Hilantagaan Island…..December 2, 2017a very quite island, there leaves a very small community maybe most of them are fisherman and of course other jobs extends as a tourist guide in nearby islands and fortunately our “bangkero” happened to be a resident in Hilantagaan Island and a former Barangay Chairman in thee Island he was our tour guide and thee motor bangka owner we rented his bangka for 1 day island hopping you can contact directly Manoy Titing for ISLAND HOPPING ACCOMMODATIONS through his phone 0935-984-1143 or 0930-568-4872….He is very accommodating very kind and smiling as a matter of fact we bring marinated foods like pork and fish and while we’re busy for our island hopping he will be the one who will cook and prepare the food for you….THANK YOU SIR…..our bangkero Manoy Titing suggested us not to go ashore but instead told us to do coral watching and yes for thee first time I saw real and live corals in not so shallow waters, is justĀ  1.5 to 2 feet high and we’re just having fun all the time : we entertained ourselves for the first time also my family swimming and snorkeling in shallow waters in Bantayan Island……..my mother Annie was so excited to make a dive when we made a stop-over in the island but when we told her that you can’t reached the sea bed now she’s afraid…….hhahahaha so funnyfunnyfunny…….. 124 more words


So FUN. So FANtastic Island.

This was the most excited part of our family vacation in Bantayan Island where we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in Sta. Fe Bantayan Island Cebu. 642 more words



Kabkaban Festival is in honor of the town’s patroness Saint Catherine of Alexandria which is celebrated every month of November that showcases not just the religious event but also thee origin of Carcar City Cebu, Carcar arts, culture, history, and even the very well known local products of Carcar…… 162 more words