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Malaysia - A Hidden Gem

I read in another blog recently the author questioning why so many travellers head to Thailand and Bali but seem to miss out Malaysia? I have not yet been to Thailand or Bali as this is is our first stop in South East Asia, but it most certainly wont be my last. 830 more words

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Подорожувати по світу волонтером: як це може змінити ваше життя?

Із юності я захоплювалась подорожями і вже в той час я розуміла, що це щось більше, ніж просто відвідати іншу країну на декілька днів. Коли ти подорожуєш – то чекаєш на те, щоб відкрити нову культуру, традиції, відчути як живуть інші люди. 505 more words


Travel the world and volunteer: how can it change your life?

From very young years I was into travelling and already at those time I knew that it’s more than just visit a country for a couple of days. 524 more words


Travelling is only for rich people!?

Most of people who never travelled or didn’t travel a lot are thinking that travelling is only for rich people and it’s very expensive. Well, thousands of students and volunteers prove it’s not! 490 more words

Travelling Around The World

Germany - Reaching Home

We have made it!

After having cycled 7626km through 15 countries, we finally reached our home on September 27th 2018. We left in the winter, went through Austrian snow, saw the blossoming spring in Bulgaria, sweat through the summer in China and South Korea, and finally rode with and against the Autumn breeze in Poland and Germany. 159 more words


Georgia - Of Cows and Turtles

Our ferry landed at noon in Batumi – 9000km left to Beijing. Sakartvelo, land of the Kartlians, welcomed us with super weather and amazing views. No more signs reading Istanbul, Athens or Sofia. 971 more words