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TC Does a Turkish Bath...

… and everyone survived! LOL.

April 2019

I love massages and steam rooms so I assumed I would love Turkish Baths. I managed to navigate my way through the maze of cultural differences, language barriers and a set of rules that no one bothers to tell you.

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Travelling Crone

My Journey, Thus Far

I decided that I need to lay it out in one post, as much for me as for you. I want to see it altogether. So this will change as I update it. 1,044 more words

Travelling Crone

First Night in Luxor

January 2019

By the time the Ashwan-Luxor train spit me out, the sky was a breath away from dusk. By the time I made it from the station to the promenade along the Nile, the lights were shining off the water and the warmth of the day was seeping away. 686 more words

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Yellow Wood Forest's Magical Kingdom

One of Morgan Bay’s jewels is a campground/cottages/restaurant combo called Yellow Wood Forest. It was started 20 years ago by hippie types and has grown into an Morgan Bay institution. 583 more words

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Undiscovered Seaside Paradise (Just don't tell anyone)

Oh people know about Morgan Bay, South Africa but not many and when compared to the beaches of Thailand, the Caribbean or Mexico for example, this place is a ghost town. 637 more words

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Chickens Screaming For Their Lives!!!!!!

I go to bed early, especially if I start drinking gin early,  so by midnight I had been sleeping soundly for at least 3 hours. Rusty was tucked in beside me lightly snoring. 550 more words

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