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Trying to resolve the Travelling Salesman Problem in Salesforce

Below is a screen showing one attempt at finding the best route to visit several accounts using the Artificial Bee Colony algorithm. The best route is defined as the route with minimal total sum of the distances between accounts. 270 more words

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Around The World, And Back

The Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a graph theory problem which requires the most efficient, i.e. shortest, closed loop path through which a salesman can travel to each of… 431 more words


Holy moly! Day 1 project 1 already.

Happy new year!

For some reason I had thought I had a few days to get things sorted, but nope, it’s the new year, so time to get stuck into this project. 500 more words

Project 1 - Python Public Transport

The Travelling Santa Problem

Why is the annual Father Christmas world tour ‘NP-Complete’?  What is ‘NP-Complete’ anyway?  In fact, what’s ‘NP’ even?  And why can only Santa do it?  And what’s a ‘Decision Elf’?  2,805 more words

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A Flawed Research on a TSP Algorithm

A Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a well known computational challenge. A lot of algorithms were developed to solve it or its special cases.

I came around an article authored by Fang Liu ‘A dual population parallel ant colony optimization algorithm for solving the travelling salesman problem’. 366 more words


The Trompe-l'œil Menorah

Hanukkah decorations have been up in stores since before Halloween, and that means it’s time for electronic Menorahs with blinking LEDs, controllers, and if you’re really good, a real-time clock with support for the Jewish calendar. 169 more words


The Travelling Salesman Problem (Exhaustive Approach)

For those of you who don’t know what this problem is about, here is the problem statement:
You are given a list of cities and the distances between all connected cities. 351 more words