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Ma Wednesday! Refining the art of baby travel- Part 1

For a human being who can not yet dress herself, or do her hair or even have the motor skills to use a spoon effectively; she does a darned good job at clicking- on  her infant seat belt. 1,438 more words

'Ma' Wednesday!

So many things to think about...

Lately I have had a lot of things on my mind, it almost seems as if my brain is a wheel that never pauses, never stops. 1,245 more words

Why I love to fly- 3!

Airport hopping is something the entire family loves. We have even come to enjoy the cold, soggy stuff they pass off as food. The vortex that sucks in our waste, the stale, dry cabin- air, the duty- bound hence pleasant attendants, the non- functional bassinet seats, the turbulence and palpable fear of death- we love it all. 141 more words

Weekend -Doha Diaries

Travelling With Kids

This past weekend we visited my in-laws.  My husband’s family lives a little over 3 hours away from where we live, and the anticipation of the drive always wears on us.   478 more words


Arsenal of Distraction

You’ve seen it before: Wild-eyed parents, one inhaling food, the other running after a tornado cute, adorable toddler.

This is our life every time we go out to eat. 630 more words

Mommy Things

Travelling with your baby

When I travelled to Vietnam we took a stroller and an ugly pouch to carry our 10 month old daughter. Now you can get forget all those – and carry your baby in a gorgeous baby wrap designed and made in Australia with 100 % cotton.   30 more words

Budget Family Adventures

Travelling alone overseas with an infant

The whole idea of travelling alone with an infant sounds petrifying!!! I am sure most of us would either skip it or wait for a companion to accomplish such a mission. 596 more words