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Glasgow and Edinburgh: May 2015

Only a crazy person would book a secondary holiday a week after coming back from a long haul trip with a toddler. A week of manic laundry, cleaning and meal plans, all whilst trying to entertain a jet lagged 18month old later, we set off to not so sunny Glasgow. 1,338 more words


Sri Lanka: April 2015 Part II

On Monday we set off along with our driver and tour guide Sagara for our first destination Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary. We stopped on the way for lunch and were delighted to discover that like we eat sandwiches here, they have different buns that they eat for lunch, typically either fish, chicken or a host of pastries made with short crust pastry. 1,188 more words


Journal of a reluctant traveller

Ever since I can remember, we’ve always been travelling somewhere or the other. No bar on the various modes of transport. My mother tells me we went to Germany by Ferry when I was three months old and as a child I can remember taking numerous flights as an ‘unaccompanied minor’ and enjoying all the perks that came with travelling in the company of some of the most beautiful women in the world. 570 more words


Our experience travelling with a baby

I remember in my much younger days as a teen on some of my travels as babies were screaming their lungs out, I think it was only humanly of us as passengers to sometimes misguidedly inwardly utter to self “goodness that baby is too noisy”. 470 more words

Travel Review

weekending on the plateau

(originally posted March 20, 2014)

some might think disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but at this age, grandma’s house gives mickey a run for his money. 360 more words


home video: kona, hawaii

March 5, 2014

our little bee can now add hula dancing and pool jumper to her college application. every time we told her to jump in, she’d try to jump by bending her knees on the edge of the pool, followed by just stepping in. 78 more words


Toddler Friendly Hotel on Koh Samui

Over the last 4 or 5 years we have stayed in over 70 hotels with my husband. Once you are in the hotel business you have an attraction towards hotels. 505 more words