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Surviving Group Assessments Part II

After we’d waited for an hour after the first assessment, the assessor pinned the names and numbers (which we were given at the beginning of the process) to the wall, telling us who got through. 412 more words

Cabin Crew

Surf Camp

So, last week I ticking a major Australian dream off my bucket list: learning to surf. What better place to learn than down under, right? 303 more words


"Maido~" : the Kyoto Dialect

If anything is going to shock and confuse travelers to Kyoto, it’s the language. Suddenly, that neat little phrasebook you picked up at the airport – handily small enough to slip into your deceptively functional handbag – isn’t going to cut it. 165 more words


Can You Be More American?

Monday was my first day teaching at my school. The day before the director and I went over the curriculum and how to teach it. Then in the morning I met the director at 1pm to go over some final points. 542 more words



After just under a week off work for various reason I returned yesterday and demolished any problems that threw themselves at me, at whatever angle. I’d only had 5 hours sleep and probably had huge black rings hanging from my eyes, but that didn’t stop me from confronting my tasks and the day ended on a real high, a rewarding accomplishment. 523 more words

Casual Thoughts

The important conversations.

Sometimes bars, nightclubs and pub-crawls aren’t the agenda for the night – and these activities are fairly ubiquitous to travelling and staying around the world in hostels. 553 more words