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Sedimentary My Dear Watson

What a difference a few hours can make, that classic ‘weather conversation’ is the talk of Franz Josef, as we arrive at the rainforest retreat (ironic), the words ‘Did you bring the rain from England?’ Are sung in our ears. 1,089 more words


Saluting the Mexican Flag

Hey guys!! So this blog post comes in the form of a vlog, where I’ll be talking about patriotism in Mexican schools. Enjoy! :)


Paris is always a good idea

Two days ago I snuck off to St Pancracs, jumped on a slightly run-down looking train and settled in with my iPad for an hour and a half journey to Paris. 561 more words

Disneyland Paris

Spring Break Vienna 2015 Part I

Last year at this time, I was spending my days loafing about at a swim-up bar in Chacala, Mexico. This is a pretty huge departure from where I spent my spring break this year, the equally lovely but nowhere near as warm or swim-uppable: EASTERN EUROPE, WHEEE!! 894 more words

Seeking For Happiness

What has made your heart race faster lately? (Other than HIIT traning?) What has made your heart skip a beat? How about taken your breath away? 381 more words


So it Begins

Okay, if you’re somewhat like me, due to your distinct lack of life prospects and minor freak outs over being classed a ‘fully functioning adult’, you have decided that backpacking around the world sounds like a grand idea, and you can’t wait to get started. 1,121 more words