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Tips to Saving Money When You're a Natural-Born Spender

As someone who loves to shop and spend money, actively trying to save, sucks. And for other people like me, it’s not as easy as, “Just don’t spend it.” Especially if you’re used to a different lifestyle. 939 more words

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In to the Unknown(Part II) - Bopaththalwa

In to the unknown හි අපි නැවතුනේ norwood වලින් බව මතක ඇත්නේ. අපි norwood වලින් දිවා ආහාරය ගෙන camping කිරීමට අවශ්‍ය අඩුම කුඩුම ටිකත් norwood හින්ම මිලදී ගතෙමු. 56 more words


Norfolk Trip!

So me and one of my best friends have a tradition which is to visit her Grandma in Norfolk every year. A couple of weeks ago we did this again. 361 more words


Prozkoumat kousek Austrálie

Po návratu z USA jsem se tentokrát v Brně moc neohřál. Jen, co jsem dospal jet lag z Ameriky, už jsem balil svých pár švestek a vyrážel na druhý konec světa, za protinožci do Austrálie. 1,108 more words


Hello Rome!

Hello my dear frienda and greetings from the beautiful Rome :)I am writing you to share with you the first food impressions from this amazing city. 9 more words



Selamat datang di Nyophago,

Hello! salam kenal, saya suka sekali melakukan perjalanan, entah ketempat-tempat baru yang belum pernah saya kunjungi atau tempat yang sudah berkali kali saya datangi, karena akan ada selalu cerita yang baru disetiap perjalanan itu. 29 more words

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