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When things go our way

A couple of weeks ago Anders got the news he’s being dismissed from work and will quit on the 31st of August. This was something we had hoped for, since… 224 more words


Flight delays

Happy Canada Day! Our beautiful country as we know it, more or less, is 148 years old!

I’m very grateful for the opportunities that living in Canada offers me. 144 more words

Eurosprint 2015

Let's Explore - Niagara Falls

Believe It Or Not, I was hesitant to sit on this giant circle. Mid – air, my heart sank a few times. Therefore, I decided to take a picture of this structure so I can remember the “thrills” it gave me. 209 more words

"We are Americans!"

“We are Americans, too” is a phrase that I have heard many Mexicans defiantly say; and they are absolutely right.

Before I came to Mexico I always thought that the term “I’m an American” was synonymous with somebody who is a citizen of the United States of America. 683 more words


Australia's East Coast in pictures

Below are some pictures from our journey from Cairns to Sydney. However, there is a lot more to see and do on Australia’s East Coast – a good excuse to visit Australia (soon) again. 168 more words


Personal Development

I first started this blog to keep track (and also to motivate) personal development. I feel that a lot of people talk about “personal development” and would snicker at the thought, thinking of the phrase as nothing more than a term used in self-evaluation sheets you’d get at the end of a project / work / during your high school years. 706 more words

Sardinian holiday - sun, scrub and craft beer

Last week we went to Sardinia for a holiday. During our two years in Rome we tried to explore Italy, but it’s a disparate, varied and not always easily connected county so we left with a long list of places we’d failed to reach. 1,001 more words

Ale, Beer