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3 Best Ways to Keep Your Money Safe When Travelling

The best vacation starts with the perfect planing, you have to be secure about all small things and safety always comes first. Safety means safety of yourself, your family and your money. 502 more words

Days 303 & 304 - Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Two days in Hoi An…
Don’t you just love it when a place takes you by complete surpirse? Neither of us knew what to expect of Hoi An, but we both ended up absolutely loving it. 751 more words


Crow the Impaler

The sun was throbbing in the sky, I had sore feet, and every stride seemed to be uphill, even on the way back – today’s little jaunt had all the usual discomforts of a hot, mid-afternoon hike. 780 more words


Trying to do a Half Marathon in Delhi

4th March

Today was long and hard work. We left the hotel in Shimla at 9am and did not arrive in New Delhi until 11.45pm. 1,171 more words


Now the Work Begins

This week has been an extremely busy one, so apologies for the lack of posts (if anyone was worried). I attended training every day from Monday until Thursday at my new English centre, Apax. 378 more words


A Whirlwind Trip to Singapore

I have never thought in the middle of my busy senior year filled with exams and deadlines, I would have the chance to go to Singapore just three days before the mid-term test week. 1,494 more words

Three Travel Destinations in Spain

Who wouldn’t dream about holiday to Spain? This destination full of sunshine, spicy culture and delicious food is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. 521 more words