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Travelling: Properly... I think.

Here is a Philippine sunset on an island that is inhabited by no more than ten people…

This is my first line, in the hopes that people ignore the fact that I arrived back in England two weeks ago and have not written a single blog post about my travelling adventures. 688 more words


Barcelona & Going on a Cruise

The Trip So Far…

The last blog post that I created was about travelling – both past and present (in which I forgot to mention that I had been to France a few times :p)…this post is about my current trip! 692 more words


Sejarah Gunung Bromo

Sejarah Gunung Bromo | Legenda Bromo Tengger – Wisata Bromo. konon pada jaman dahulu kala ketika kerajaan majapahit mengalami serangan dari berbagai daerah penduduk pribumi kebingungan untuk mencari tempat tinggal hingga pada akhirnya mereka terpisah menjadi 2 bagian yan pertama menuju ke gunung Bromo, kedua menuju Bali. 819 more words


Dirty Fucking Hippie

My head is adorned with dreadlocks

So that must mean I do not wash

I make a roll-up and people assume it’s weed that I’m smoking… 247 more words