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Zdravstvuyte, Russia

Waking up from such hectic end of March which makes us work overnight for the las 4 days of this month, hearing a good news from my postcard is good. 82 more words

Penfriend And Postcrossing

#DreamTrip: Cirilo

I used to travel a lot for my work, and can say that I’ve been everywhere already. I still have a #dreamtrip ,though…. that is to go back to Palawan or Batanes and this time not for work but to relax and enjoy with my wife and children.

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Festival Bandoeng Baheula 2015

setelah berjibaku dengan segala macam bentuk pengiritan dan pemotretan pernikahan di tiap akhir pekan, kesampaian juga jalan2 di Bulan Maret :)). saya menyeret si kakak (sekali lagi saya jelaskan bahwa si kakak itu adalah sebutan untuk suami saya) ke Festival Bandung Baheula di Kota Baru Parahyangan. 537 more words

Al Usroh

Five things I love about technology!

This is my take on the things I love about technology in general, so without any delay; here’s 5 things I love about tech:

  1. That bus moment, I travel to and from college 3 days a week, an hour long journey with my own company, I would go insane so my phone being my trusty travel companion keeps me company sparing my sanity to be lost no doubt another day, now yes this is arguable that this is a good thing as for ignorance and all, but I tend to quiet generally anyway.
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Confession of a Travelholic

Or a story of strangers that have walked into my life in the past 5 days

Day 1.

First night in Edinburgh, I found Wings by Trip Advisor. 2,088 more words



Today I decided that I am not going to talkĀ about cosmetics or nail polishes, but about one of the Bulgarian traditions. My boyfriend is coming from Bulgaria, so now I am getting little by little a part of it, which is very interesting and fun. 119 more words