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Weekend working: Writing, trips and Skateboarding

My weekend was one of the most productive and fun weekend’s I have had in a long time. On Saturday I sat at my computer for about 7 hours editing, cutting, adding and reading the nearly final draft of my eBook, I got the cover ready which is a photo from one of the trips mentioned in the book and I also had some fun with the opening pages of the book as well. 213 more words

Travel plans

I am a firm believer in having plans for travel, even though plans never create adventure, in my experience. I touch on this in my new eBook, coming soon, (plug) adventure and planning seldom go hand in hand, it is only when plans start to change that adventure can happen. 179 more words

My Kimono Renting Experience in Kyoto.

“What? You can rent a Kimono?”

That was my reaction when I found out that yes, there is such thing in Japan and yes, it is quite common, even for Japanese, to rent and wear them to walk around especially in Kyoto. 1,456 more words


No money, no sleep and adventure

I have been talking about an eBook all day, here is a little snippet from it:

My walk and mood got even better when I saw a group of 3 kids, just being kids in the city. 218 more words

RCMP Musical Ride

The Tavistock Agricultural Society hosted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP – fondly called ‘Mounties’ by Canadians) Musical Ride on August 15, 2016.  Tavistock, part of Oxford County in Ontario, is a German/Scottish community founded in 1848  by Captain Henry and is famous for its cheese production and fresh meats.   1,040 more words


The Road to Everywhere

I will soon begin an adventure, my life has taken many different routes up until now and I can not wait to begin this next route, the first stop is Marrakech and I know that much of what I think of the world shall be left along the route at the side of the world. 303 more words

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