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Mumbai, the Soul of a timeless Nation.

Mumbai. The city where the yang part of my story began. The city where my mother was born. Returning to Mumbai is like waking up from sleep to cacophonous harmony. 197 more words


Review: Lenin Lives Next Door ★

A cross between mean girl talk and Martha Stewart etiquette classes, set among the Moscow 1%. This is going to be rough. 1,026 more words


My favorite things to shop for in the U.S

Shopping in the U.S is highly enjoyable and satisfactory because the variety of products one finds in the market is vast and the prices mostly highly affordable, with Walmart being the best example. 382 more words


13 Best Instagram Photo Locations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful city and if you look closely enough, you will find so many photo locations and Instagram-Worthy spots for your overly-eager camera lens. 1,069 more words


Travelogues: Vizianagaram

Travel has always fascinated me. The thought of just heading out to new places, immersing yourself in the place’s history, it is just simply has great attraction to me.   375 more words


Allama Danish k Safarnamay- علامہ دانش کے سفرنامے

Allama Danish k Safarnamay- علامہ دانش کے سفرنامے is a collection of 3 interesting and amazing travelogues for children.

Download Allama Danish k Safarnamay- علامہ دانش کے سفرنامے


Weekend ride to Ooty

The idea was to ride out to Yercaud, a not-so-popular place in Tamil Nadu but literally at the last minute, we switched to Ooty. We here would be my closest friend and best riding mate Aditya and my pillion/navigator,  my girl, Samyuktha AKA Sam! 913 more words