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What's the best way to deal with children and begging in poor countries?

I still feel a pang of guilt whenever I think of the little girl in Guatemala who sold me the mini-Christmas tree last December. Our van was about to depart so I refused to cave in and give her the extra dollar she was asking for. 2,399 more words


A bad encounter with a Moroccan man in Essaouira that led to mint tea in a family home in Marrakech

Over the past week I could feel myself letting go of my usual penchant for structured time, and felt proud of myself for cancelling a day trip up the Atlas Mountains, as well as a half day cooking class. 3,747 more words


The medina of Marrakech and the emerging middle-class

As a naturally early riser, I find the mornings very peaceful in Marrakech. For the past few days I’ve been awake to hear the first call to prayer. 1,775 more words


Conversations on New Delhi's tourist trail

When I told my family that I was going to India for a few weeks, they couldn’t imagine why I was choosing to go to such a poor and dirty place where children begged for money on the streets. 2,014 more words


Reasons to Travel #02 - Life Sampling

I like buffets. Boxes of mixed chocolates. Appetizer platters. Miniature bottles of alcohol. Packs of tiny, packaged cheeses.

I like variety. I like sampling, and trying new things (sometimes off plates not my own, much to the chagrin of my company). 1,785 more words


Taking it Back With You

I am an idiot. I should have known better. This was the third time I’d returned to Canada since I began traveling 5 years ago, and I was fully aware of the many reverse culture shock-y things that can occur when one comes back to one’s country of birth after time spent abroad. 1,814 more words