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Spiders, Cows, and Anapji Pond: Gyeongju by Bike

Yep–one more post on Gyeongju.  It’s not every day I get to ride around on a fall afternoon in the Korean countryside…so I took a lot of pics. 97 more words

Travels Through Korea

Plant Life for Stu (And a Dip Into the Past)

One of my favourite people in the world is a guy called Stu.  

We met somewhere back in the Doc-Martened recesses of grade 10, circa 1994, in the parking lot or the multi-purpose room or the blue-lockered hallways of… 945 more words

Travels Through Korea

Gyeongju Tree Heaven

Back in the 7th, 8th, and 9th centuries, Korea was ruled by a kingdom called Silla.  Its capital was Gyeongju–a city northeast of Busan and an hour and a half by train. 330 more words

Travels Through Korea

Deokjeokdo Bliss: 41 Hours, 39 Pics

Any of you who have been following Coco Busan over the last year and a half (thanks, everyone!) have likely noticed my fondness for Korean islands.   1,165 more words

Travels Through Korea

Hanging out Hillside: The Somaemuldo Mission

After the mid-April trip to Bijindo island, during which our inspiration to camp on the beach with an open fire was half-squelched by the local ajummas (the beach camping was a success, the open fire vetoed in loud, vehement Korean ), Joe’s and my vision for… 867 more words

Travels Through Korea

Toilet Creatures

I’m not sure why the public bathroom on Somaemuldo features faceless metal creatures with fork hands guiding visitors to its entrance, but it does.  And I love them.   42 more words

Travels Through Korea