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Asolo, Italy

I know I’m incredibly fortunate to have two parents hailing from opposite ends of the same country. The north and south of Italy couldn’t be more different, and I’ve had some wonderful opportunities to see both. 346 more words


Bonjour Tour Eiffel!

A little jet lagged today… I went to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and walked down Champs-Élysées. Alsooo, I got my graduation present today (hint hint… it’s a purse) – hopefully I’ll include it in my next post! 21 more words


Writer's Retreat

With twenty acres to hike, views of distant mountains and mesas in the high desert, this is a unique place. Think of it as “Rustic Camping” with the simple life of wood stoves, writing in the daytime, and a huge view of mesas and mountains. 681 more words


Insta #417

Metro cars in Howard Beach station, New York


It's 'Bus' Time!

Hail to almighty God for creating buses! (Wait, what? Are you sure it’s God who is behind the creation of buses? )

Well dear reader, if you are someone who is from the prestigious Eastern part of the world (I deliberately soft down the phrase ‘developing countries’), you would have probably experienced the wonderful traveling experiences in buses which are crowded by millions of heads or to be exact nearly hundreds of heads.  437 more words

haiku #114: fruto

é pelos frutos
que se conhece a árvore,
talvez o Homem

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Sunday Meditations

After a long week of international travel one always feels grateful to return home. At least I do. I think it is something we don’t do often enough; travel to foreign places. 41 more words

Deep Thoughts