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A Flaneur in Fes, Morocco

Fes is a city in the north east of Morocco and known as the cultural capital.

It has a completely different feel to Chefchaouen. The streets are busy and crowded, filled with the smell of spices and moroccan tea. 423 more words


I'd Really Rather Not See It, If You Don't Mind

As I grow older and wiser (?), the number of situations I do not wish to take part in, is growing.  For example, I’d rather avoid any conversation with global warming deniers, Holocaust deniers, evolution deniers and anyone, man or woman, who believe it’s the will of God to kill innocent people. 583 more words


When I went to Rome


So I finally went to Rome.. Thankfully this was just before the terrorist attack threat. Here are some of the pics. At this point in time I realize that Italy has soo many churches and there is no way you could go anywhere and not find an amazing church building. 48 more words

Discovering The World

Bright, Body Loving Bikinis!

When we booked our travels I smugly… sorry ‘quickly’… realised we will mainly be frequenting hot climates, thus meaning I needed to get my hands on some new bikinis! 543 more words


The old town of Tallinn by night

Narrow streets, winding cobblestone alleys, tiny lanes, doors, gates, old iron lamps, brightly painted buildings, merchant houses, old churches and plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from. 16 more words


Growing food in Thailand

Something a bit different from my usual kitchen garden posts – growing food in a tropical climate!  On October 17th, my youngest son (he is 16) and I set off on the long journey by air to Chaing Mai in Northern Thailand. 1,323 more words


Palma de Mallorca

Overall, Mallorca is a Spanish flavored Germany, with its palm trees, beaches and cosy little bars. After all, I’ve heard more german over the two weeks I spent here than during my over a year of expat life in Berlin. 252 more words