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New Orleans 101

I was asked by a co-worker to send her some New Orleans tips for her very first visit so I thought I’d share it with you all as well! 400 more words


Goodbye Thailand, hello Laos!

Thailand was incredible, everything we hoped it would be and more, and words can’t give a good enough impression of our first month travelling… so here is a quick summary: … 76 more words


Day 1: Carbs, Museums, and Night Markets

I arrived safely at TPE and easily found my way through immigration and customs. I thought originally I’d have to take the bus or a cab to my friend Nick’s place but luckily one of his local friends, Sonny, was willing to drive. 1,561 more words


逆輸入?紐約Lady M靈魂源自於東京

紐約的蛋糕名店Lady M旗艦店要在台北開幕了。

之前去曼哈頓玩的時候也去朝聖過。翻相簿想貼幾張當天的照片給大家瞧瞧,卻發現只拍了兩、三張。而且背著單眼相機,居然還只是用手機拍的。 37 more words


"Hey Lady, Looks Like We're Going to Have a Baby!!!"

If you have been following my pregnancy story, over the last 10 weeks I have been going to the doctor twice a week to do BPP ultrasounds to check on baby. 314 more words


Little Things Add Up

In getting ready for our move to Ecuador, it is amazing how much all the little things that need to be done add up. For example, it’s all well and good to purge those things that you no longer use or need, but it is equally important that one review all documents you have to see what need to be kept or can be disposed of by shredding. 516 more words

Navigating Visa on Arrival in Kuwait

Never had an airport got me into tight knots like Kuwait City International Airport (KWI). It has been a while where I had felt challenged while traveling to a new place.  803 more words