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Five Days

 Someday, a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.

That day happens to be January 20, 2017, five days away.  In five days, the swamp will start to drain, and rains will fall.   14 more words


Unlike most talking heads and media outlets I wanted to take my time with my post-election piece. The problem with the rapid pace of today’s media is that it has traded substance for speed. 862 more words

New York - Twin Cities.

The Big Apple is venerated as the most filmed city in movies, a hustle-bustle urban jungle of possibilities, both magical and harrowing.

It seems there aren’t films made *about* New York City very much anymore; they merely take place there, the protagonists unaffected by the milieu. 326 more words

The Day I Was Accused Of Robbing Bono's House

I’ve never met anyone famous. I don’t want to meet anyone famous. I’ve met lots of semi-famous people most of whom are beset with multiple personality disorders and would strangle twenty kittens in a row if it would get them a five-minute interview on prime-time television. 718 more words

Taxi Driver LP Rewiew from Wax Work Records

Taxi Driver

Waxwork Records

We are in a vinyl resurgence, but it has been going on longer than you think. Especially if you are into punk and hardcore. 458 more words


5 epic hairstyles in the movies

There’s all kinds of hair in the movies… no hair, long hair, short hair, hair that takes a lot of effort, hair that takes no effort, creepy hair, frizzy hair, grey hair, Theres-Something-About-Mary hair, bad hair and great hair (if you’re Robert Downey Jr). 142 more words

One of these days I gotta get myself organizized

No, I’m not becoming a real life Travis Bickle, nor am I uploading another post of quotes that I like.

I really do need to get myself organised. 281 more words