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Surprise Disneyland Trip

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m so happy to tell you about my trip to Disneyland last week . As you can probably tell by the title of this post I had no idea that I was going to Disneyland. 496 more words

Venice, Italy. May 9 2014

Nowadays, I know I was wrong and too rude to family that day. But that day, I thought I’m the only truth, alpha and omega. You know. 19 more words


Umbria, Italy. May 8 2014

This time to think make me more wise and carefull. But our relationship isn’t that change, even we share beautiful experience.


Campania, Italy. May 7 2014

When I was 15, I was an adolescent boy. Absolutely, relationship with parents were terrible. Luckily, my parents decide Europe trip. While this trip, I have lots of time to think about myself.



This is a  blog about my five week trip to Europe and the crazy shit that happened.


High on Adrenaline

Day two in and around Queenstown – this day was not for the faint hearted.

We had been watching the jet boats on the open water on Lake Wakatipu and thinking they looked fun, but flicking through the guidebooks and talking to the tourist information staff, it appeared there was a much more exciting jet boat experience to be had at a place called… 198 more words

Doubting success 


A blog is essentially the best or most interesting parts of a persons life. A platform to share you passions and chat endlessly to other fanatics with similar interests but, already, I’m finding it hard. 390 more words