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Take back

I`m sitting here trying to factorise third-degree polynomials, and all I can focus on, is this all so clear memory. That takes me to a place so in the past I’m afraid I`ll never see it again. 145 more words

Life In The Fullest

Ramayana Water Park 

พาแม่ไปเที่ยวสวนน้ำ Ramayana Water Park

– พิกัด พัทยา-สัตหีบ

– ค่าบัตร 1,000 บาท อัพ ต่อคน (ราคาผู้ใหญ่)

– มีค่าตู้ล็อคเกอร์อีก 90 หรือ 120 บาท (ราคาจำไม่ได้แน่นอน)

– เวลาปิด 18.00 นาฬิกา แต่เครื่องเล่นเริ่มปิด 17.00 นาฬิกา 8 more words


A day in Oxford

Over the long weekend I spent the day visiting Oxford with my family. Oxford holds a very special place in my heat, iv been visiting Oxford nearly every year since I can remember. 340 more words


New York adventures

Hello bucket list friends! I recently returned from an amazing trip to New York . I had never been to the east coast before and I’m glad that I was able to experience it.   1,185 more words

two and thousands

When I was sixteen I had everything figured out.

When I was sixteen I was fearless as can be and as wild as the north, 520 more words


San Diego vacation and numbers 12 and 25

Hello my bucket list friends! I’m very excited about this blog post because I finally crossed off some more items and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!   713 more words

The Cornbread Cafe

Being a vegan on the west coast it is no surprise that most recommendations were for the PNW. Just last week we were lucky enough that our mountain bike race circuit took a turn and would bring us to wonderful Portland… But first we had to get there. 360 more words

Best Vegan Food