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Aristotle: The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived?

There are many contenders for the title of the smartest person to have lived, Einstein, Newton, Da Vinci to name but a few. For my money though Aristotle has to be a leading contender. 1,663 more words


Plato: Athlete, Philosopher And Enemy of Democracy

Plato is perhaps unique in all of history in that he was simultaneously a philosopher and a wrestler. In fact Plato isn’t even his real name, his real name is a bit of a mystery but is sometimes reported as Aristocles with Plato, meaning the broad, being the name he wrestled under. 1,340 more words


Daily: Hometown breeze through

(My mother has taught me to never pass up the opportunity to take a picture with a strong agave…or any nice plant for that matter) 423 more words

Sunshine Farewell

Letting Go of Time

The departure for our trip is nearing. About 3 weeks to be exact. And the closer we get to leaving, the more the word {time} keeps popping into my head.   313 more words


Live The Canadian Experience

Traveling to Canada has 2 different sides. Two colonies divide the country and you can notice that both are totally different from each other. You can travel to the English side (Occident) or visit the French colonies “Canadiens” (on the orient side). 367 more words


Moon Rise

This is a picture of the moon during a sunrise



3 am.

Moonlight streams in the windows, casting shadows inside our home. The full moon reflects on Halcyon Pond. It is well before dawn. I stand, watching the moon slowly set. 378 more words