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2.5 & 12

Traveling alone is something I never thought I would enjoy. I don’t even like going to the grocery store solo, so its amazing to me that the journey halfway around the Earth is a piece of cake to me.   263 more words


Paris Gallery

I recently traveled to Europe and would love to share some photos with you guys! This gallery is strictly dedicated to Paris. The weather wasn’t the best I’d hoped it would be, but I was still able to enjoy my trip. 183 more words


Recipes for long journeys ~ Chorizo Sausage Rolls

Hi Guys a few months ago I started a new series on my blog called Summer Adventures, this post is the first in this series and I wanted to start with one of my favourite recipes for long journeys. 223 more words


Complete settings.

Today i buy my last Nikon Objective and my settings is complete. Now i can start with my Road Trip.



The city of Cairo is one of the most ancient cities in the world, layers of sand cover many layers of history.  Through the centuries of history the environment has not changed; the ancient Egyptians saw the same landscape as can bee seen today. 564 more words

Nå får jeg begynne å se fargene.

Nå har jeg bikket 6 uker på sykemeldingen min, og merker at nå får nok være nok.

Å være sykemeldt over tid kan fort bli deprimerende. 143 more words

My Life

Wellington Landing

Hey guys :). i just landed a few hours ago, the flight was good, nice and smooth just like their amazing coffee, you guys have to try it :). 139 more words