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Stayin' Alive!

There is something magical about 99.9% of John Travolta’s movies, though I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly. However, 1983’s ‘Staying Alive’, the sequel to the one and only ‘Saturday Night Fever’ wasn’t one of my favorites, but maybe that’s because I’m just partial to disco music and strong struts across Brooklyn’s most busiest streets. 373 more words

Just Thought I'd Mention...

John Travolta Blackmailed Into Not Coming Out By Scientology

Well this is interesting, a new documentary is claiming that Scientology has kept John Travolta from coming out and saying he is gay.

The film is going to air March 29th oh HBO, and they claim they have proof John Travolta is gay and being held hostage by Scientology. 8 more words


The Punisher

The Punisher, or at least this version, came out in 2004 with John Travolta has Howard Saint and Thomas Jane and Frank Castle. OK FBI agent, Frank Castle, goes undercover and on his last big assignment he causes the son of a big drug/crime lord Howard Saint to get killed. 293 more words


Travolta: The journey.

Travolta is the Hollywood equivalent of that weird neighbour who you never want to speak to, but kind of have to because he is always *around.* 1,022 more words

87th Academy Awards

Viral Video: Idina Menzel Gets Back At John Travolta

Idina Menzel finally got her revenge on John Travolta.

Now we know why John Travolta was asked back to the Oscars after last year’s “Adele Dazeem” moment: It was so Idina Menzel could get her REVENGE. 49 more words


Battlefield Earth (2000)

“With endless options for renewal! With endless options for renewal! WITH ENDLESS OPTIONS FOR RENEWAL!”

Yeah. I had high hopes indeed for Battlefield Earth. John Travolta conquering Earth as a dread-locked alien? 726 more words