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Nutty chocolate brownies ❤️

After a visit to my favourite coffee shop in Winchester, I decided it was time I got round to making a chocolate brownie recipe. I like brownies with nuts involved, and therefore a recipe based with a nut butter made most sense to me!  121 more words

Gluten Free

Ginger and Treacle Tray Bake 2.

I baked this tray bake ages ago, and fancied doing it again. However, I tweaked it slightly this time and it still tastes yummy. This time round, I added some extra amounts of spices, and included another spice. 396 more words


Recipe: One Dish Chicken Bake 

I am the fussiest of fussiest eaters, you will not see me eating foods I know nothing about. For example, Duck, I’ve never tried it. Venison, never tried it, I could go on and on here! 337 more words

Mixed Berry Crumble

As the days are getting longer, sun x-rays stronger and peoples smiles growing wider why not treat yourself to a berrylicious summer treat that will make your day even better. 119 more words


Brownie points

Who doesn’t like chocolate?  Apart from chocolate cake, one of my favourite chocolate consumption delivery systems is the good old chocolate brownie.  And after trying all the ways to make a brownie, looking through so many recipes, I have finally settled on my own.  465 more words


Mediterranean sea bass tray bake

Sea bass is a wonderful, readily available fish that deserves a place on all good dinner tables across the land. Cooking fish can be a daunting prospect if it is not something that you are used to and a tray bake is a brilliant introduction to it so read on and give it a try. 372 more words


Tablet Biscuit Traybake

I’m going to tell you something shocking, MrG on the whole doesn’t like bake club.

Every week I take to my books and Internet looking for inspiration and ideas on what I want to share with you and I like to think I come up with some pretty tempting bakes. 408 more words