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Anti-PAPpies want Kim to nuke S'pore isit?

Why liddat?

On FB, TRE and TOC and the Indian (I’m told, I don’t read it) the anti-PAP types are denouncing two PAP ministers for taking wefies with Little Rocket Man). 252 more words

UR: I am aware of the cause of causes

UR is the second rune in the Armanen Futhork, associated with the power of healing. I discovered in my own journey that as I gravitated towards a more esoteric approach, I also got more interested in the healing arts. 487 more words

The reality of living with Narcissistic Abuse

Let’s face it there are many people that at one time or another have found themselves in an unhealthy or dysfunctional relationship. It’s likewise just as easy to find yourself in a relationship with someone who places their needs above yours or that of the relationship. 1,452 more words

Monday Musings #10 - Have I found "my writing process"?

Welcome to Monday Musings, where I ponder some aspect of writing that has popped into my head over the last week or so. These posts aren’t intended to provide answers, they are more just a brain-dump that perhaps might generate discussion. 865 more words


Why Reformasi won't happen here

TOC, TRE and all the usual places where cybernuts congregate are full of comments that change is coming here. like it did in M’sia, and the PAP is doomed. 320 more words

Political Governance

gaudyglitch INTERVIEWS: Tre @tmariie21_loveyourlocs

The light. An interview with Tre about her hair journey and the beauty standards we are held to by society. Oh, ya! And she divulges the reason she decided to kick ass in locs! 11 more words


Quella voglia di ramen alle tre meno venti del mattino

Quella voglia di ramen alle tre meno venti del mattino