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As Tears Go By - Releasing Stress Hormones

There was a song in the sixties called “As Tears Go By”. I was in grade school back then. My mother liked the song. That was upsetting to me because the lyrics were so very melancholy and I was always hoping that my instincts were wrong and that she and everyone in our family were happy. 825 more words


Hết năm. Năm mới.

Khi những ngày cuối năm ngoái vội vã qua đi, cái suy nghĩ về việc ngồi xuống tổng kết vài lần vụt qua đầu tôi rồi bị những suy nghĩ thiết thực khác đè lấp. 966 more words


Trauma Release Exercises Release Buried PTSD Energy -- and How!!

I slept a good ten hours last night. Hooray!

Dare I say…I’ve actually been sleeping pretty well lately.  I attribute this to a combination of Alteril (herbal over-the-counter sleep aid) and continued Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) every day. 1,134 more words


As pulsating organisms we need each other - A Screening of Cowspiracy Feb 28

The environment is in us, not outside of us. The trees are our lungs, the rivers are our bloodstream. We are all interconnected, and what you do to the environment, ultimately you do to yourself.

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¡Uno!, ¡Dos! & ¡Tre! by Green Day - Rambolic Reviews

(EDIT) This was originally posted on another blog I used to run. Original post date – 17/05/2013


I think a little background to this review is needed before I get started on the legendary Pop-Punk band Green Day‘s latest offering. 1,754 more words

Rambolic Reviews