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PAP's best "friends"

An independent socio-political analyst (he has written some good books) wrote on Facebook

My only surprise about TRS is that it had existed for so long. 454 more words

Are we prepared for this?

Hi everyone,

By now I am sure you are all well aware of the extreme, heartbreaking devastation following the not just one large earthquake, but multiple large earthquakes, in Nepal. 459 more words


SløseSurf: Ekte Kjærlighet, Bokfjes, Tannpasta og Trær

Alle har vel opplevd å falle ned i et internetthull. Man skal egentlig jobbe med noe annet – også setter prokrastineringen inn. Hjernen detter ut i et endeløst virr-varr av nettaviser, Wikipedia, sosiale medier og kattevideoer på Youtube. 331 more words


Tre breaks it all down!

If anyone has heard the song “9 Elements” by KRS-ONE off his release, Kristyles; he breaks down the elements of Hip Hop. KRS-ONE makes a profound mention of kids growing up in white suburbia when he says: 1,232 more words


Lowering Cortisol - No More Tears Formula

For the last few months, I did Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) for about a half an hour every day. I frequently cried during TRE, which was fine because it opened up energy and I felt better afterwards. 205 more words


First Train Leaves Saturday, August 29

Thank you for your interest in our new course…on a train! Yes, that’s right. A writing course on train. No more excuses, no more distractions. This is your chance to get away from the kids, the classroom and get back to your creative roots in a new and fun way. 115 more words

Writers In Training

Cybernuts curse top economists

Many of those who disagreed with the policies and actions of the Soviet Communist Party and the Soviet government and actively protested against these actions were sent to mental health institutes on the grounds that they were mentally ill. 787 more words