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Comprendiendo el Trauma

La clave para entender como el trauma afecta nuestro cuerpo está en entender cómo reacciona nuestro cerebro ante él.

Cuando tu cerebro experimenta un evento que percibe como una potencial amenaza a tu vida (cualquier evento con una combinación de consecuencia negativa y un estado de impotencia relativa hacia el evento mismo) la neuroquímica instintiva enciende las estrategias de supervivencia naturales: las reacciones de huir o luchar que se envían por todo el cuerpo, listas para tomar acción ante lo que estamos experimentando. 650 more words

Therapy... transforming hurt into happiness

It is every living beings right to be happy but so many of us are constrained by pain. We wade through our lives every day, doing our best to move forward, create, inspire and achieve. 1,143 more words


Trumpets pls

Earlier this morning, I visited TRE’s site. And wow out of the 18 articles under Opinion, I own eight of them. Taz’s a record. Usual I own 4-5 of them. 538 more words

The Power of TRE

When I say I practice TRE, most folks automatically assume I stand with my arms in the air, pretending to be a Tree. You stay fully clothed! 1,014 more words


Har et knippe gamle epletrær i hagen som desverre ikke har fått den pleien de har trengt. To av dem er jeg ganske sikker på er døde, men sistemann har fått livreddende tiltak.Det største av epletrærne kan ikke ha vært beskjært på årevis og jeg tok saga fatt! 81 more words


The Seat Of Your Soul-Exploring The Psoas

A large part of what I write about on this blog has been about how to release stored emotional energy that is in the body. I do this because of its connection to our ability to know the deeper self. 1,604 more words


Tre re-releases "Break It Down"

Tre has embarked on re-releasing the break it down track which is now slated to be on the upcoming mixtape called Get Up: All City Toy.  19 more words