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Tread Lightly, Broken Soul

One step
you’re biting your lower
the way you
always do
giddy fingers running
around glass
you whisper a
hope or

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Living with less: trekking in Nepal (and coming home)

The weight limit is 15kg. On top of this comes your share of the tent, and either a camping stove, a cooking pot, or the group shovel. 1,058 more words


5 Things That Suck About Air Travel

In the last few years, I’ve hopped on and off more planes than I care to admit and had ample lay-over time to consider all the little (and big) things that bug me about air travel. 349 more words


tread lightly

  1. don’t step on anyone’s toes
  2. BYO sense of humour
  3. leave baggage at the door
  4. a deep impression is welcome

A review of 'Tread Lightly by Catherine Lane

This is a really great, fun story that had me smiling all the way through. A tale of Fairy Godmothers, Guardian Angels and a few bad guys it is full of warmth and humour and a little bit of sexy spice. 60 more words

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Heap Earth Upon It

Wilde scholars have always known Oscar and Isola were close. There is a moving account of Oscar’s inconsolable grief following his sister’s death. As a child he frequently visited Isola’s grave, and decorated an envelope to preserve a lock of her hair, which he kept all his life. 119 more words