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Waikiki Meatballs and a New Gym

Today I started my morning off by heading over to one of the local gyms (there are two within 5 minutes of the new place! Yay!) to start a week-long free trial period. 383 more words

Winter, winter, and more winter... and a birthday!

Good morning all! I heard on the news this morning while I was enjoying a few minutes of warmth before heading to the gym that this is one of the coldest Februarys on record for this area. 333 more words

Who's Who: Kirby

Hi all! More snow coming down here in New Jersey! It was 4 degrees last night so I got some speed work in on the treadmill, and headed to the gym this morning to do my strength training circuit with Howie before the snow began. 457 more words

Half Marathon Training is Hard The 4th Time Around

I’m training for my 4th half marathon, and this training cycle is a tad more difficult than the previous 3. I have no idea why. I was running great and smoothly during my marathon training, not feeling extremely fatigued when running double digits, but trying to tackle 4 miles outside about killed me. 285 more words


Finally....Yes, I got of my ass.

So starting over with C25K. But it’s ok. Something is better than nothing!

I’m alright with that.

Daily Rants

Day 108

Haven’t run outside for a while – it’s amazing how much difference the shorter days can make to your plans for running outside – there is such a small window for running safely. 96 more words


Day 102

Ran 2 miles on the treadmill today – was meant to do 3 but had a twinge in my right achilles and didn’t want to push it with the race only being a week away. 55 more words