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How I Ran 24.7 Miles on a Treadmill

24.7 miles in 3:46:58 on a treadmill?! I’ve heard of people running their 18 or 20 mile training runs on the treadmill to avoid running outside in 0 degree weather. 378 more words


Exercise: Get Your Cardio On ... Correctly

The latest Gym Bro pseudo-science has 2 schools of thought: One, is to do no cardiovascular (aerobic) training at all, it is unnecessary for fitness and fat loss; second, is to only use high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for cardiovascular fitness. 48 more words


30-minutes a Day on the Treadmill - Lifestyle Change for a Better Tomorrow

From sprint-training drills to fat-burning workouts, and cardio exercises, you can easily create a suitable module on the treadmill to improve your health and better your overall wellness.  379 more words


Healthy Eating

For the past 6 months I have eaten like I have been running 50 miles a week, when sadly the reality, due to one thing or another it is less than a third than that most weeks, not surprisingly this has added curves to my curves. 300 more words


Know The Top Benefits Of Treadmill Exercise

Heart Benefits of Treadmill Exercise

Regular walking on the treadmill pumps up the levels of high-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol) while decreasing low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) in the bloodstream. 370 more words


Treadmill Journal, Part 1: The First Miles!

Putting a few exclamation points behind the Prophet’s words.

by Alan B. Sanderson, MD

Treadmills are boring. Running on a treadmill is only slightly better than not running at all. 1,391 more words

Alan B. Sanderson, MD

Chapter 6.4- Fishing Champion

Leo dotes on his baby daughter and is always playing, feeding or changing her. I only get her when he’s asleep or fishing.

It does give me time to get my pre baby weight back… 136 more words

Sims 3